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Spartz admin
Pumping Station: One admin
Auditorium 2 admin
Dev Bootcamp admin
CrossFunctional Room admin
Janson admin
Austin Library Special Event Center admin
mHUB admin
HTC Large Conference Room admin
Room 719 admin
Mystic admin
La Catrina admin
La Catrina admin
Upper Bar admin
Main Room admin
Akuna admin
Bank of America Plaza admin
Costa Hall admin
Illinois A admin
Cardinal Room admin
Assembly Hall admin
C1 admin
sally admin
The Enthought Room: Room 2 admin
Amsterdam admin
Liberty Hall admin
Room 1 admin
Plenary admin
Room 701 admin
Enova admin
105 admin
test loc admin
Cartoon 1 admin
Breakout Room 2 admin
Saal 2A admin
Room LL104 admin
Mezzanine admin
Foyer admin
CSEC Room admin
Main Stage admin
Civis admin
Reis River Ranch admin
Grind admin
Knowledgehound at Elelsee at Hubbard St Lofts admin
Vokal New Headquarters admin
Loyola Water Tower admin
9A admin
Parklab admin
Track 2 admin
Braintree *new* HQ admin
Great America Floor 2B R1 admin
TBA admin
Echo Global Logistics admin
Tegus admin
DevMynd admin
Open Software Integrators admin
VentureShot admin
Plenary Hall admin
UCSB Henley Hall room 1010 admin
DSSG - The University of Chicago (downtown) admin
Wargaming West admin
Jefferson Tap admin
St. David admin
Cafeteria admin
Sullys admin
Braintree admin
FreeGeek Chicago admin
Gene Siskel admin
Electronics Lab admin
Auditorium 1 admin
Plenary Room admin
Elsewhere admin
Room 203 admin
Space Lab admin
p1 admin
Crystal Ballroom admin
ThoughtWorks admin
Raum 222 (Haus 7) admin
Palantir (Main) Room admin
Cartoon 2 admin
Breakout Room 1 admin
Presseraum admin
all-rooms admin
Caro admin
Main hall admin
Auditorium admin
Gene Siskel Film Center admin
K.1.105 (La Fontaine) admin
PreviousNext Keynote admin
K.1.105 admin
Location X admin
Raum 316 (Haus 7) admin
Colony Ballroom admin
Exhibition Foyer admin
OGGB Foyer admin
D2.193 Percy Baxter admin
Illinois B admin
White Oak Room admin
Room 12 admin
C2 admin
Track 1 admin
Room 702 admin
Projective Space LES offices admin
Berlin/London admin
Ballroom (non-plenaries) admin
Great America Floor 2B R2 admin
106 admin
Front Desk admin
Terrace admin
Bowling Alley admin
C3 admin
PC-Kabinett admin
Room 09 admin
Melbourne room admin
Lab2 admin
MCC Foyer admin
Tutorial Track 2 admin
Rudder Tower 701 admin
Barbie Tootle admin
CUSEC admin
Ballroom (CDE) admin
Room 100 admin
Big Room admin
Lower hall admin
MSC 2300 B admin
Raum 308 (Haus 7) admin
Room 704 admin
H.2215 (Ferrer) admin
Elsewhere overflow admin
Hackers Lounge admin
Wool Museum admin
Ferrer admin
Lunch admin
Great America Floor 2B R3 admin
Studio admin
Tasman Room admin
MSC 2500 admin
Powerful CMS Room admin
1 admin
Cockle Bay admin
Llewellyn Hall admin
Helsinki admin
Heidelberg admin
Room 300 admin
D4.303 Costa Theatre admin
Great America J admin
Tasman B admin
Tutorial Track 1 admin
Room 10 admin
Studio 2 admin
Hays Cape admin
MSC 2300 A admin
Lab1 admin
Lobby admin
Saal 1D admin
Chavanne admin
Room 705 admin
Tutorial room admin
Room 327/8 admin
A1 admin
UD2.120 (Chavanne) admin
Lameere admin
C001 admin
Beginners Track: Room 5 admin
Tasman A admin
Raum 3 (Haus 6) admin
A2 admin
Science Lab B admin
Great America K admin
UB2.252A (Lameere) admin
MCC1 admin
Stockholm admin
D2.211 admin
Rosa Aliabouni admin
Tanya Rutner admin
T102 admin
H.1301 admin
Science Lab A admin
3 admin
Saal 1A admin
MCC2 admin
Mission City M1 admin
A3 admin
Portlight Bar admin
Raum 5 (Haus 6) admin
Room 200 admin
H.1301 (Cornil) admin
Room 329 admin
Room 338 admin
Madrid admin
Wien admin
Room 08 admin
Saal 1B admin
MCC3 admin
Mission City M2 admin
H.1302 admin
H.1302 (Depage) admin
Room 711 admin
2 admin
Raum 314 (Haus 7) admin
D2.194 Next to Percy Baxter admin
Studio 3 admin
Raum 2 (Haus 6) admin
Studio 1 admin
4 admin
Room 400 admin
Room 02 admin
Saal 1C admin
Derwent Registration Desk admin
Suzanne Scharer admin
MCC4 admin
H.1308 admin
Mission City M3 admin
H.1308 (Rolin) admin
Athen admin
Raum 1 (Haus 6) admin
Plenary Space admin
Penguin Dinner Venue admin
H.1309 (Van Rijn) admin
Pier One Restaurant admin
H.1309 admin
Interfaith admin
T101 admin
Room 04 admin
MCC5 admin
Saal 2 admin
Mediatheque admin
EDV F1.02 admin
Sully's House admin
SpotHero admin
H.2213 admin
Spantree admin
KOMED Saal admin
American Planning Association admin
Derwent 3 admin
Derwent 1 admin
Bungalo East admin
Mercure Ballarat admin
Arena admin
Blackwood admin
Mission City admin
OGGB F&P admin
Revolution Hall admin
Main admin
PDNS Venue admin
Special Event Center admin
MCC6 admin
dash admin
6 admin
American Planning Association (APA) admin
Room 05 admin
Room 215 admin
blank admin
Baobab admin
C3.3 admin
510 admin
Collins Auditorium admin
Mystic Theatre admin
Bo admin
Berg Room admin
Conference 1 admin
Room 103 admin
Daley 512 admin
10gen office admin
Room 06 admin
H.2214 admin
Speaker's Dinner Venue admin
Foyer Haus 6 Untergeschoss admin
Grand Ballroom AB admin
D1-Tutorials I admin
Mystery Location admin
John Hood Plaza admin
Raum 315 (Haus 7) admin
Room 07 admin
AW1.120 admin
Grand Ballroom CD admin
Ballarat Mining Exchange admin
Raum 1-3 (Haus 6) admin
D2-Tutorials II admin
Penguin Dinner Venue -- Scope at Mount Stromlo admin
The Spotify Room: Room 6 admin
AW1.121 admin
D3-Tutorials III admin
Grand Ballroom EF admin
PDNS Venue -- Gandall Hall at the Australian National Gallery admin
Room 01 admin
Raum 4 (Haus 6) admin
AW1.125 admin
Room 11 admin
F1-Tutorials IV admin
Grand Ballroom GH admin
F2-Tutorials V admin
Room 03 admin
AW1.126 admin
Raum 4-5 (Haus 6) admin
Conference 2 admin
Great America admin
UA2.220 (Guillissen) admin
H1-Tutorials VI admin
Guillissen admin
UA2.114 admin
UA2.114 (Baudoux) admin
H2-Tutorials VII admin
H3-Tutorials VIII admin
UD2.218A admin
U.218A admin
K.3.201 admin
Derwent 2 admin
C3.4 & C3.5 admin
511 admin
Bungalo West admin
Smith Memorial Student Union admin
Sem F4.07 admin
Room 104 admin
Room 5 admin
Clubhouse admin
Huon admin
Poster Room admin
OGGB 260-098 admin
LC admin
Buzz admin
K.3.401 admin
Room 211 admin
Room 103, Room 104 admin
Stowe Hall admin
Auditorium, Classroom admin
Cedarwood admin
Poster-1 admin
K.4.201 admin
Track I (D5) admin
Track II (E1) admin
K.4.401 admin
Poster-2 admin
Track III (E2) admin
Poster-3 admin
K.4.601 admin
Poster-4 admin
Track IV (E3) admin
Track V (E4) admin
Daley 505 admin
Congo Room admin
C3.6 admin
Myrtle admin
Riviera admin
Tasman Hall A admin
Courtyard/Boma admin
Classroom admin
Fullwood admin
514 admin
F0.01 admin
Room 6 admin
OGGB3 admin
Room 105 admin
Open Spaces admin
Poster I admin
Poster II admin
Poster III admin
Poster IV admin
Room 7 admin
Sem F4.02 admin
NedSpace admin
Room 106 admin
Liesbeek admin
Tasman Hall B/C admin
Potato admin
Yellowwood admin
Cypress admin
Open Spaces (Foyer) admin
OGGB4 admin
Sassafras admin
Room CR4 admin
Room CR5 admin
Room CR6 admin
Room CR7 admin
Orange Room admin
Room 8 admin
Ground Kontrol admin
Rex admin
Ezell 301 admin
Case Room 2 admin
Boardwalk Gallery admin
EDV F1.01 admin
Case Room 3 admin
Room 109 admin
Woody admin
Swang 102 admin
F0.02 admin
Room 9 admin
Wellington Room 1 admin
Tugela Room admin
The Pavilion, Arts Centre Melbourne admin
Wellington Room 2 admin
F2.01 admin
Room 110 admin
Sem F4.01 admin
Small Theatre CB11.00.100 admin
Truffleduck, Fyansford admin
Genesys admin
Pivotal Labs admin
NICAI Workshop admin
Little Creatures Brewery, South Geelong admin
uncatered admin
Costa Hall Foyer admin
D2.212 admin
Super Awesome Venue TBA admin
The Pier - http://www.thepiergeelong.com.au admin
Great Hall CB01.05.009 admin
Guthrie Theatre CB06.03.28 admin
Collaborative Lecture Theatre CB11.00.405 admin
Medium Lecture Theatre CB11.00.401 admin
Large POD Room CB11.04.400 admin
POD Room CB11.04.301 admin
Green Theatre CB07.02.25 admin

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