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ANN: ChiPy at Wargaming West Thu July 11, 5:12p

When: 5:12 PM Thursday July 11, 2013
Where: Wargaming West


1.  ipython / notebook demo
 Jason Wirth

ipython was a big focus of Scipy:  Fernando gave a keynote, Brian gave a talk, and there was a tutorial. 

 ipython appeals to a broad audience from beginners to advanced users. "IDLE is awful and I basically learned Python using iPython" says Jason, whose presentation will touch on the powerful features and extensibility for advanced users.
 recording release: yes license: CC BY  
2. Asynchronous I/O in Python 3
Feihong Hsu

Feihong talks about PEP 3156 and the basic usage of Tulip,  the reference implementation.
 recording release: yes license: CC BY  
3. A SciPy recap: Tracking history and provenance with Sumatra
Sheila Miguez

This lightning talk recaps a [talk on Sumatra]( from the reproducible science track at SciPy2013.
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Wargaming West

About the group

Chicago Python User Group known as ChiPy was founded in 2003. We are an active user group organized around the Python.programming language.   Our meetings are open to all of all proficiency and experience levels.