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ANN: ChiPy at Braintree *new* HQ Thu October 9, 7p

When: 7 PM Thursday October 9, 2014
Where: Braintree *new* HQ


1. Data Science Pipeline in Python
Kevin Goetsch

In my view, the core of Data Science is the development of predictive models (recommendation engines, fraud detection, churn prediction, etc.). While predictive models can be built in a number of languages I choose to do my work in Python because the Data Science Pipeline is more than just building models. I'll talk about the larger model development process and how I use Python to automate and document my work.
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2. Write Pretty Code
Brian Ray

Journey into the world of poorly formatted code to beautiful written pep8 styled goodness.
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Braintree *new* HQ

About the group

Chicago Python User Group known as ChiPy was founded in 2003. We are an active user group organized around the Python.programming language.   Our meetings are open to all of all proficiency and experience levels.