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ANN: Chicago Erlang User Group at Cafeteria Thu March 22, 6:30p

Chicago Erlang User Group
When: 6:30 PM Thursday March 22, 2012
Where: Cafeteria


1. The Future Of Erlang - An Insider's Perspective
Lennart Öhman
tags: erlang
Lennart Öhman - one of the original Erlang/OTP developers - will take us through a brief history of Erlang followed by a reflection of how Ericsson uses Erlang today and what that means for the future of the language.

Lennart will present his findings and insight as a bona fide Erlang insider! Anyone interested in Erlang, either as a seasoned developer or as a language aficionado, should set this evening aside - it will be truly epic!

Lennart Öhman was part of forming the Erlang competence consultancy group within Ericsson in the 90s. He left Ericsson more than 10 years ago and now works with Erlang from the Swedish consultancy company Sjöland& Thyselius.
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About the group
The Chicago Erlang User Group is a community of technologists who are interested in learning more about the functional programming language Erlang. We meet regularly and have great presentations by local experts as well as international superstars. We also maintain a mailing list at where good Erlang development talk takes place. 

Please join us if you are simply interested in learning more about the language or are looking to share knowledge with other gurus. All are welcome!!forum/ceug