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Auditorium Room 100 Room 300 Room 200 Room 400
Sat 15

09:00 [_] Opening Keynote
11:15 [_] Ready for battle! - Hardening Node.js for the Enterprise. [_] As I Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of DOM. [_] Making JavaScript Games: From the Browser to the App Store. [_] ES6: The future is now.
01:45 [_] Intro to Sails.js [_] Gonzo Game Dev [_] Hapi.js [_] Painless Node.js Asset Management with Connect-Assets. [_] Production-ready Node Architecture
02:35 [_] Runtime Funtimes [_] 0 to Nodebots in 45 minutes [_] Grunt-ify Your Front-End Development.
03:25 [_] Design for Retry: Microservices, REST, message busses and why idempotency is the only way to scale. [_] Promises in Javascript [_] Debugging, Profiling, Heap Dumping, Scaling and other fix-it techniques in Node.js
04:35 [_] Taking the training wheels off - migrating from .NET to NodeJS [_] Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Node Authentication [_] Stressed About NoSQL? Relax with CouchDB. [_] Intro to Meteor.js [_] Supporting the Community: Helping to build Nashville's Thriving Dev Community
05:25 [_] Make Art, Not Apps. [_] The MEAN Stack. [_] Meteor and Reactive Programming
Auditorium Room 100 Room 300 Room 200 Room 400
Sun 16

09:00 [_] The engineering case for Node. [_] Real World React [_] Deploying a Scalable Node.js Application with Docker [_] Undefined is Not a Function: What the Most Common Errors in JavaScript Actually Mean.
09:50 [_] Open Sourcing Mental Illness. [_] Making Relational Cool Again. [_] Modern Device Features From The Web
10:40 [_] Building A #BADA55 NodeJS Dev Environment. [_] Memory Profile for Mere Mortals. [_] Deploying a Scalable Node.js Application with Docker Continued [_] Building Large Scalable Realtime Applications With Meteor
01:10 [_] We Will All Be Game Programmers. [_] Building modular and component driven architecture in Backbone.js and Marionette.js. [_] Develop, Deploy, Monitor and Scale REST APIs Built in Node.js [_] Use a Task Runner Already!
02:00 [_] Add Some Real-Time To Your App With Socket.IO. [_] Disassembling a Monolith with Node.js. [_] jQuery to Ember: How to Make the Jump Without Falling
03:10 [_] Closing Keynote

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