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Costa Hall D2.193 Percy Baxter Wool Museum D4.303 Costa Theatre D2.211 D2.194 Next to Percy Baxter
Sun 31

12:00 [_] Volunteer Training (General) - All Volunteers
03:00 [_] Speakers and Miniconf Organisers Briefing Session
04:00 [_] Volunteer Training (Audio Visual) - Specifically for AV Volunteers
04:30 [_] Beginner's Session
Costa Hall D2.193 Percy Baxter Wool Museum D4.303 Costa Theatre D2.211 D2.194 Next to Percy Baxter
Mon 01

09:00 [_] Conference Opening
10:40 [_] Continuous Delivery using blue-green deployments and immutable infrastructure [_] An Open Approach to Whole-House Audio [_] Kernel Miniconf Introduction and Unconference Planning [_] Open Source and Bioinformatics Miniconf Welcome [_] Open Hardware Assembly Workshop (Registraton required to participate, Spectators welcome) [_] Introductory remarks
10:50 [_] Clinical Genomics: a Computational Perspective
11:00 [_] Changes in the security module infrastructure [_] A brief history of technical writing with examples
11:20 [_] Many Roads to Bioinformatics
11:30 [_] RCU Mutation Testing
11:35 [_] The Twelve-Factor Container [_] GStreamer in the living room and in outer space
11:45 [_] On working from home
11:50 [_] Microscopium: Interactive clustering of high content screen images
11:55 [_] Why no FOSS on stage right?
12:00 [_] Kernel Miniconf Unconference
01:20 [_] Security Topics in Open Cloud: Advanced Threats, 2015's Vulnerabilities ... [_] History of the vanguard Linux receiver 'Dreambox' and an introduction of its new multi-standard streaming server [_] Kernel Miniconf Unconference [_] Message fromthe ABACBS President [_] Open Hardware Assembly Workshop Continued [_] What a Good Procedure is Made of
01:30 [_] Building web-based visualization tools to empower biologists
02:00 [_] Production Pathology: from spinning wheels to knitting mills
02:15 [_] Managing Infrastructure as Code [_] Real Time Tuning Analysis
02:20 [_] Pick and Place Machine (live demonstration) [_] Two years of tech writing
02:30 [_] R and Bioconductor: open source software for analysing genomic data
02:40 [_] Free Software in the Audiokinetic Laboratory [_] ESP8266 ESPlant (Wi-Fi garden sensors) design and operation
03:40 [_] Cloud Anti-Patterns [_] Conference Recording 2.0: Building a Better System [_] Kernel Miniconf Unconference [_] Applied bioinformatics using open source software [_] Open source car engine management [_] My beautiful jacket
04:00 [_] LinuxCNC for fun and profit - now with deadly lasers!
04:05 [_] Cloud Crafting – Public / Private / Hybrid
04:10 [_] Building and deploying the Genomics Virtual Laboratory on the cloud(s)
04:30 [_] Hardware projects using eChronos and IwIP: toward high-assurance IoT [_] Documentation Miniconf
04:35 [_] Live Migration of Linux Containers [_] Informal Jam / Demo session and Lightning Talks
04:50 [_] Sequencing your poo with a USB stick [_] Kerbal space program simulator hardware controller and display
05:10 [_] Music and Multimedia Miniconf Lightning Talks [_] Open Hardware Miniconf - Lightning talks, project showcase and general discussions
Costa Hall D2.193 Percy Baxter Wool Museum D4.303 Costa Theatre D2.211 D2.194 Next to Percy Baxter
Tue 02

09:00 [_] Keynote #1 - Mr George Fong
10:40 [_] Is that a data-center in your pocket? [_] clsXlca Opening [_] Functional Programming Miniconf Open [_] Open Knowledge Miniconf Opening [_] clsXlca Opening
10:45 [_] clsXlca Introductions
10:50 [_] A live demo of the CubicSDR open source SDR software
11:00 [_] clsXlca Lightning Talks [_] The Essential Tools of Open-Source: Functional Programming, Parametricity, Types
11:05 [_] Open Tech School - Open learning in practice
11:15 [_] Revisiting Unix principles for modern systems automation [_] Cutdown!: HAB Telemetry System
11:30 [_] Open Data + Video Games = Win [_] clsXlca Lightning Talks
11:35 [_] A Gentle Introduction to Ceph
11:40 [_] All Your Modem are Belong To Us
11:50 [_] Functional programming in Python with Toolz and fn.py
11:55 [_] Keeping Pinterest Running
12:00 [_] Open Radio Miniconf Lightning Talks
01:20 [_] Site Reliability Engineering at Dropbox [_] clsXlca Group Discussions 1 [_] Data made out of functions [_] Open information: Documenting data and methods [_] Tutorial - Embedded sensor data with Lora radio modules
01:45 [_] 'Can you hear me now?' Networking for containers [_] Prying Open Government - An Introduction to Freedom of Information
01:55 [_] The Emperor’s New Closure: FP in Javascript
02:10 [_] Network Performance Tuning [_] Internet Archive: Universal Access. Open APIs [_] Using the OpenRadio as RF test equipment
02:15 [_] clsXlca Group Discussions 2
02:30 [_] Ergonomics of Automation [_] Practical Functional Architecture
02:40 [_] Open Radio Miniconf Panel Discussion
02:45 [_] Pingbeat: y'know, for pings!
03:40 [_] The life of a sysadmin in a research environment [_] clsXlca Group Discussions 3 [_] Swift Functional Programming [_] Prospects and pitfalls in open demography [_] Open Radio Miniconf Field Day
04:00 [_] Creating bespoke logging systems and dashboards with Grafana, in fifteen minutes
04:15 [_] Order in the chaos: or lessons learnt on planning in operations [_] Haskell is Not For Production and Other Tales
04:30 [_] Intro to Open Street Map
04:35 [_] From Commit to Cloud
04:40 [_] clsXlca Groups report back
05:00 [_] Using Lnav
05:05 [_] Functional Programming Lightning Talks and Miniconf Close
05:10 [_] clsXlca Take-aways and close
Costa Hall D2.193 Percy Baxter Wool Museum D4.303 Costa Theatre D2.211 D2.194 Next to Percy Baxter
Wed 03

09:00 [_] Keynote #2 - Ms Catarina Mota
10:40 [_] Going Faster: Continuous Delivery for Firefox [_] CloudABI: Cloud computing meets fine-grained capabilities [_] to be advised [_] Using Linux features to make a hacker's life hard [_] Tutorial: Beginning with the Shell
11:35 [_] Education and the AGPL: A Case Study [_] Embrace the Atomic (Display) Age [_] Usable formal methods - are we there yet? [_] How To Write A Linux Security Module That Makes Sense For You
01:20 [_] What Happens When 4096 Cores All Do synchronize_rcu_expedited()? [_] Welcoming Everyone: Five Years of Inclusion and Outreach Programmes at PyCon Australia [_] Improving thread synchronization in GlusterD (Daemon for Gluster) using Userspace RCU (Read-copy-update) [_] Synchronised multi-room multimedia playback and synchronised live media processing and mixing with GStreamer [_] Tutorial: Identity Management with FreeIPA
02:15 [_] Adventures in OpenPower Firmware [_] Sentrifarm - open hardware telemetry system for Australian farming conditions [_] Twoskip - a robust single-file key-value database [_] Wait, ?tahW The Twisted Road to Right-to-Left Language Support
03:40 [_] Five* non-cryptographic hash functions enter. One hash function leaves. [_] Creating an open and distributed video broadcast production environment using GStreamer [_] Melvin: A new implementation of LVM in Rust [_] The future belongs to unikernels. [_] Tutorial: Packets don't lie: how can you use tcpdump/tshark (wireshark) to prove your point.
04:35 [_] Export Control: A primer for open source hackers [_] An introduction to monitoring and alerting with timeseries at scale, with Prometheus [_] to be advised [_] Challenges when Scaling: Adventures in Swift's Sharding
Costa Hall D2.193 Percy Baxter Wool Museum D4.303 Costa Theatre D2.211 D2.194 Next to Percy Baxter
Thu 04

09:00 [_] Keynote #3 - Mr Jono Bacon
10:40 [_] Using Persistent Memory for Fun and Profit [_] to be advised [_] Building museum exhibits with open hardware: Raspberry Pi & Arduino [_] Linux driven microwave [_] Tutorial: The Power of Open Data with ELK
11:35 [_] Hardware and Software Architecture of The Machine [_] Dropbox Database Infrastructure [_] He aha te mea nui? [_] Open Sourcing Anti-Harassment Methodologies
01:20 [_] Machine Ethics and Emerging Technologies [_] Open-Source Software Stack for High-Assurance Autonomous Vehicles [_] Forcing Change in Healthcare through Open Standards [_] Builds, dependencies and deployment in the modern multiplatform world [_] Tutorial: Hunting Linux malware for fun and $flags
02:15 [_] What I've learned as the kernel docs maintainer [_] Open Source Tools for Distributed Systems Administration [_] Open Source and back again [_] A Detailed Look at Erasure Codes in OpenStack Swift
03:40 [_] Law and technology: impedance mismatch [_] edlib - because one more editor is never enough [_] SubPos - A "Dataless" Wi-Fi Positioning System [_] Record and replay debugging with "rr" [_] Tutorial: Applied Data Science in Python
04:35 [_] Speaking their language: How to write for technical and non-technical audiences [_] Computer Performance Microscopy with SHIM [_] Opening classrooms through the Australian Curriculum [_] Playing to lose: making sensible security decisions by assuming the worst
Costa Hall D2.193 Percy Baxter Wool Museum D4.303 Costa Theatre D2.211 D2.194 Next to Percy Baxter
Fri 05

09:00 [_] Keynote #4 - Ms Genevieve Bell
10:40 [_] Helicopters and rocket-planes [_] Python's Dark Corners [_] Open Source Software in Silicon Manufacturing [_] Preventing Cat-astrophes with GNU MediaGoblin [_] Tutorial: The eChronos Real-Time Operating System - Just what you want, when you want it
11:35 [_] Copyleft For the Next Decade: A Comprehensive Plan [_] Accessibility and Security [_] Fuzz all the things! [_] The world of 100G networking
01:20 [_] Troublesome Privacy Measures: using TPMs to protect users [_] Open Source Technologies in Neuroscience [_] Free as in cheap gadgets: the ESP8266 [_] Terry & the path to an autonomous robot [_] Linux Guest RDMA On Hyper-V
02:15 [_] secretd - another take on securely storing credentials [_] Overcoming barriers to open source adoption in the public sector [_] Raspberry Pi Hacks [_] Life is better with Rust's community automation [_] Open Source Two Way Radio
03:40 [_] Lightning Talks and Conference Closing

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