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Sat 16

10:00 [_] Push Data, Pull Data, Present Data [_] It's Raining, It's Pouring? A web and SMS application in Flask and Twilio to call Farmers. [_] Design for Non-Designers [_] Creating a culture of Computation - Scientific, Social and Humanitarian
10:30 [_] Why and how to GraphQL [_] Introduction to Microservices with Nameko [_] Write Less Code with Algebra!
11:15 [_] Playing with Python Bytecode [_] Webscraping by Example: An introduction to BeautifulSoup [_] Teaching and Doing Digital Humanities with Jupyter Notebooks [_] Making Games
12:15 [_] Introduction to Neural Networks with Tensorflow [_] Creating a BitTorrent Client using Asyncio [_] Migrating to Python, slowly [_] Yosai in the Wild
01:15 [_] Lightning Talks
01:45 [_] Python Performance Profiling: The Guts And The Glory [_] Scalable code design with slimmer django model and more [_] Dplython: Intuitive Data Analysis, Funky Python [_] Piecing it Together: A beginner's guide to application configuration
02:15 [_] Summarizing documents [_] Advanced Permissioning [_] Using PyStruct to Classify MOOC Discussion Forum Posts [_] Opening the Magic Box: Creating transitional Python libraries and IDE tools for young learners
03:15 [_] Hassle Free ETL with PySpark [_] Best Practices for Writing Reusable Python [_] Postgres Present and Future [_] Understanding GPU Programming
04:00 [_] A tale of two cellphones: Python on Android and iOS [_] Building Command Line Tools in Python [_] Make data cleansing fun again with Pandas [_] Modular SQL Using SQLAlchemy
04:30 [_] How to build an Event Driven Financial system in sixty days with Python [_] Young Coders (or, 'How to Teach Python to Kids') [_] Algorithms to Sample From Streams [_] Distributed Consensus with Raft
05:00 [_] Fighting the Flu with Machine Learning [_] Python for segregated signal averaging of cardiac baroreflex response in humans
05:30 [_] Care and feeding of Pythons
Room CR4 Room CR5 Room CR6 Room CR7
Sun 17

09:00 [_] Writing Neural Networks from Scratch [_] Anomaly Detection Algorithms and Techniques for Real-World Detection Systems [_] Exploring Cryptography [_] Everything You Always Wanted to Know About NLP but Were Afraid to Ask
10:00 [_] Probabilistic Graphical Models in Python [_] Sensely: Office Automation with the Internet of Things and Python [_] Cryptography in Python [_] A custom language (PPCL) plugin and syntax for Sublime Text 3
10:30 [_] wat‽ Mind-bending Edge Cases in Python [_] The Colors, Duke! Steganography using the Python Imaging Library (PIL) [_] Making Sense of 100 Years of NYC Opera with Python [_] Spark Dataframes for the Pandas Pro
11:15 [_] An End to Boring Data with Visualizations [_] Modeling State in Text Adventure Games [_] Don't Overreact: Moving from Twisted to Asyncio [_] Pulling Cloud data into a database using Requests and Pandas
11:45 [_] Snakes in a browser
12:15 [_] An Introduction to Reinforcement Learning [_] python-dateutil: A delightful romp in the never-confusing world of dates and times [_] The Sound of Data: Using Python to transform data streams into music. [_] Beginner Pythonistas: Setting up Your Workspace (Life pre-Python)
01:45 [_] Demystifying Python Method Resolution Order [_] Abstractions and building up: A case study with chess_py, an open source chess platform [_] Introduction to Web Scraping using Scrapy [_] Higher-level Natural Language Processing with textacy
02:15 [_] Simple Serverless ETLs in AWS [_] Python Gone Bananas: Monkey Patching Isn't Monkey Business [_] We're All Database Engineers (WADE) [_] Distributed Tracing in Python
02:45 [_] MacroPythonic
03:15 [_] Using Python to Study Black Holes [_] Algorithmically Generated Music Using Pyo Based on User Data [_] Build your own python pet! [_] Advanced Git
04:00 [_] An Intro To Building GUI Applications Using PyQt [_] Wrapping Go in Python [_] Python for Home-Ec [_] Visualization and Analysis for Multimodal Presentation (VAMP)
04:30 [_] Distributed Python with Dask [_] RESTful Service Design: Patterns and Anti-Patterns [_] Hacking/typing/writing at 200 words per minute [_] When the database can't keep up
05:30 [_] Empathy and Teaching

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