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Berg Room Clubhouse Congo Room Liesbeek Orange Room Tugela Room
Thu 06

09:15 [_] Opening
09:30 [_] Keeping up with the pace of a fast growing community without dying
11:00 [_] Running Django Applications on GAE - Flexible Environment(Previously Managed VMs) [_] Python, Pet of Architects [_] An introduction to interfacing with C using CFFI
11:45 [_] Scaling Django from server to browser through an efficient caching strategy [_] Listen to the Snake
01:30 [_] RevDB, a reverse debugger [_] Python in Viral Bioinformatics Research [_] Introduction to Test Driven Develpoment with Python
02:15 [_] Optimizing Python programs, PyPy to the rescue [_] Beating the bugs: simulating drug resistance in viral and bacterial DNA using Python and AWS
03:30 [_] Some Less obvious uses of SQLite [_] Ensure Python Development: Practical strides that we can take to ensure Python skills development [_] Experiments with test setup
04:15 [_] Stream processing made easy with riko [_] Public Python for the greater good [_] Contributing to python open source Infrastructure and projects
05:00 [_] Thursday Lightning Talks
Berg Room Clubhouse Congo Room Liesbeek Orange Room Tugela Room
Fri 07

09:00 [_] Panel Discussion: Teaching Python
10:00 [_] Juggling GPU tasks with asyncio [_] Experiences debugging memory bloat and high CPU consumption in python [_] Open Source Software Initiatives in Zimbabwe
11:15 [_] Reliably Distributing Binary Modules [_] Selling groceries online using Postgres, Flask, Docker & Android [_] Deep Learning in Python
12:00 [_] MicroPython: Python for microcontrollers and constrained environments [_] How to use python and flask to capture downtime losses on a production line
01:30 [_] Distributed Applications in Python: Celery vs. Crossbar [_] Machine Learning in Python - Gaussian Processes [_] Data Mining and Processing for fun and profit
02:15 [_] Get Instrumented: How Prometheus Can Unify Your Metrics [_] Building for 100x scale
03:30 [_] Computer Vision - Creating a complex color polling project using Python, OpenCV and Raspberry Pi [_] Traversing the last mile to the financially underserved with Python [_] Python-assisted creative writing: managing dynamic gender in RPG scenarios
04:15 [_] Friday Lightning Talks
04:45 [_] How development models affect the team
05:45 [_] Closing

Veyepar Video Eyeball Processor and Review