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Collins Auditorium Stowe Hall Ezell 301 Swang 102
Sun 20

08:45 [_] Immutable Apps
10:15 [_] How to Accelerate Digital Transformation: @WalmartLab’s Migrated to React and Nodejs in Less Than a Year [_] Escape Room: Children's Holiday Edition [_] We need a better way to test [_] Simplify State Management with Redux
11:00 [_] The Starter Kit Manifesto [_] Building Slack Bots for Fun and Profit (or at least fun) [_] Framework-Independent JavaScript Components [_] A Real-World JavaScript IoT Solution
01:00 [_] Why We Do What We Do
02:00 [_] Staying Sane (dot) JS [_] ​Overcoming the Challenges of Mentoring [_] Lessons learned prototyping a wearable for rock climbers with Node [_] Fun and games with node.js!
02:45 [_] Building Bots with Node.js on Microsoft Bot Framework [_] Universal Apps: Lessons from the trenches [_] Get started with ClojureScript and Reagent! [_] Dockerized Node Application Pipeline. Docker/Drone/Rancher Oh My!
03:45 [_] Graph Databases Will Change Your Freakin Life [_] The story of redux-logic, a new approach to organizing business logic with Redux [_] Exploring TypeScript [_] Arts and Sciences: Programming Music on the Web
04:30 [_] Public Speaking without Barfing on Your Shoes [_] This Is NativeScript [_] Beyond The Tab: Executing JavaScript Across Browser Contexts [_] Premature Optimization: Building in Scaling The Right Way Before You Scale
05:15 [_] Reasonable JavaScript
Collins Auditorium Stowe Hall Ezell 301 Swang 102
Mon 21

08:45 [_] The Accidental Noder
10:15 [_] 12 Reasons I Still Choose Ember.js [_] npm run build [_] Jumpstarting Selenium Testing in Your Organization with Javascript, WebdriverIO & Cucumber [_] From community manager to developer — my path to becoming an engineer.
11:00 [_] Responding to a Third Dimension! [_] Microservices! Containers! Node.js! [_] Generating a new async workflow... with generators! [_] Innovating is not about technology, but psychology.
01:00 [_] Solving Service Discovery
02:00 [_] Rapidly Iterating on Microservices using Docker, Kubernetes, and Node.js [_] JavaScript Security: What You Need to Know to Write Secure Applications in JS [_] Choosing the Right API Architecture [_] Definitely not a boring talk about memory
02:45 [_] React Native for Fun and Profit [_] Tracing Asynchronous Operations with Node's AsyncWrap API [_] Search-First Writing for Developers [_] Losant IoT Harwdware Workshop
03:45 [_] Introduction to React Router [_] Fizz buzzkill - Answering tricky JS interview questions [_] Dr Iterate or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Higher-Order Functions [_] Docker for Devs: Why you should care about containers!
04:30 [_] Promises are terrible; start using them! [_] Smarter & Cuter Bots [_] Personal Open Source in the age of JavaScript fatigue [_] How to avoid JavaScript fatigue and sleep well at night
05:15 [_] Now & Next

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