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Great Hall CB01.05.009 Guthrie Theatre CB06.03.28 Collaborative Lecture Theatre CB11.00.405 Medium Lecture Theatre CB11.00.401 Large POD Room CB11.04.400 Green Theatre CB07.02.25
Mon 22

09:00 [_] Conference Opening
10:45 [_] Miniconf Intro [_] You Can't Unit Test C, Right? [_] Disruptive DNA sequencing [_] Opening [_] LoliBot Assembly Workshop (registration required to participate, spectators also welcome)
10:50 [_] Look out for what's in the security pipeline [_] Open Sourcing History: Using Historians in Games Development
11:10 [_] Understanding git - even the scary parts [_] The not so secret source of bioinformatics [_] Torres Strait Virtual Reality
11:35 [_] Large Memory Management issues: Performance, Fragmentation, Movable objects and Huge Page overhead. [_] Open Source Bioinformatics with R and RShiny [_] Developing a game for the Macintosh Plus in 2017
11:40 [_] Source Code Generation: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Boilerplate
11:55 [_] Making noise on a zero budget: the joys of game audio.
12:00 [_] HealthHack
12:05 [_] In from the cold: Finally making Linux and .NET get along
01:40 [_] Status of Mainline Linux on AmLogic SoCs [_] Turning stories into software [_] Using Mutagenesis to Understand Protein Function [_] Changing the world through (fan-)fiction [_] Design of the LoliBot hardware
02:05 [_] Namespacing in SELinux [_] Next Generation Config Mgmt: Resources [_] Micropython on the LoliBot
02:10 [_] Augmenting Reality with Open Source
02:20 [_] Stemformatics Architecture
02:30 [_] Clockwork Control of your 2 Wheel Robot
02:35 [_] The design and implementation of the XArray [_] Manage all your tasks with TaskWarrior [_] Come on; do you want your mods to live forever?
02:50 [_] Stemformatics Data Portal
02:55 [_] The Hackerspace Adelaide robot
03:00 [_] Intro to Kernel Hacking - finding things to work on. [_] Love thy future self: making your systems ops-friendly
03:15 [_] Play time!
03:45 [_] Getting conned into writing IoTuz/ESP32 drivers and example code
03:50 [_] GPL compliance report and Q&A [_] Beyond Web 2.0 [_] How novel compute technology transforms life science research [_] From there to here - the legacy of idtech
04:10 [_] Making games with Electron [_] Muon detector hardware for displaying the presence of cosmic rays
04:15 [_] Using "old skool" Free tools to easily publish API documentation
04:30 [_] Break
04:35 [_] Decoding Those Inscrutable RCU CPU Stall Warnings [_] DIY-Bio: Current trends [_] Building Indie Games through Open Source [_] Emulating 1wire and creating new devices and drivers
04:40 [_] Developers Developers Lightning Talks
05:00 [_] Virtual Storage Pools with MARS Background Migration [_] Open Hardware Lightning Talks
05:05 [_] End of Miniconf and Closing Remarks
05:10 [_] Lightning Talks and Closing
Great Hall CB01.05.009 Guthrie Theatre CB06.03.28 Collaborative Lecture Theatre CB11.00.405 Medium Lecture Theatre CB11.00.401 Large POD Room CB11.04.400 Green Theatre CB07.02.25
Tue 23

09:00 [_] Tuesday Welcome
09:10 [_] Keynote: Open Source Pharma
10:45 [_] Welcome [_] The Future of Art [_] Miniconf Welcome [_] Miniconf Welcome [_] Create hardware with FPGAs, Linux and Python (Project Miniconf) [_] Miniconf Opening
10:50 [_] Day 2 Operations with Containers: Myth vs. Reality [_] Keynote: Immersive Visualisation at the Monash Cave
10:55 [_] ReasonReact - Functional Programming for React Developers [_] From Software Carpentry to Library Carpentry
11:15 [_] Designing scalable production Kubernetes clusters on AWS
11:30 [_] Wearing access: a story about open collections, a sewing machine and the nation’s secrets.
11:35 [_] Becoming the Admiral: mastering Docker orchestration [_] If I were a pixel, what would I do? [_] Functional Programming in Aviation
11:40 [_] Learn by Contributing to Open Source
11:50 [_] Migrating to the cloud
12:00 [_] On Writing Machines
12:10 [_] Puppet in the cloud
01:40 [_] User Session Recording for the Enterprise [_] Building Detailed Fractal Sets for “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” [_] The State of Local and Online Tech Use in Australian Schools [_] How to Tame a Data Format [_] Who else is using it? Moving to open source in local government
02:05 [_] Monitoring All the Things! on your Linux system with the Elastic Stack
02:20 [_] Open Codes: A new approach to knowledge
02:35 [_] Icinga 2 in a 24/7 Television Broadcast Environment [_] The Knitting Printer [_] Closing the Skills Gap for Distributed Technology [_] Functional DevOps in a Dysfunctional World
02:50 [_] Principles Of Good Monitoring
03:00 [_] GLAM Project Workshop
03:05 [_] Quick Introduction to OpenNMS
03:50 [_] Next Generation Config Mgmt: Sysadmins [_] Sketching in hardware - examples of getting from concept to installation in the Internet of Things [_] Engaging Students and Improving Outcomes Without Tech [_] Jumanji: A beginner's FP journey - How I learnt to code functionally through programming games [_] Digitise the Dawn - 5 years on
04:00 [_] MQTT as a Unified Message Bus for Infrastructure Services
04:15 [_] Revisiting Sysadmin and Wordpress - Scripting/automating [_] Lost artist in the world of technology
04:25 [_] Cargo Culting Lenses for Fun & Profit
04:30 [_] From Software Carpentry to Library Carpentry
04:35 [_] Cost-Effective Virtual Petabyte Storage Pools [_] Discussion
04:40 [_] From Blink to Throb - an exploration of hobbyist lighting projects
04:50 [_] Fixing tridge's mistakes: Taking Samba AD to scale
05:00 [_] The New Old Thing: Dynamic Service Discovery with DNS [_] Lightning Talks [_] How Expert360 addressed its scaling problems with 30 year old telco technology
05:05 [_] The best talk ever1!!!!! Hyperbolic Hyperbole
05:15 [_] Funny FOSS war stories from the pages of The Register [_] Assembling a balsa-wood Raspberry Pi case
05:25 [_] A right stitchup [_] Miniconf Closing
Great Hall CB01.05.009 Guthrie Theatre CB06.03.28 Collaborative Lecture Theatre CB11.00.405 Medium Lecture Theatre CB11.00.401 Large POD Room CB11.04.400 Green Theatre CB07.02.25
Wed 24

09:00 [_] Wednesday Welcome
09:10 [_] Keynote: Six Years Later, or Hey, did you ever get the source code to that thing in your heart?
10:12 [_] I'm a cat
10:45 [_] History rhyming in the kernel community and beyond [_] Creating a Linux Powered Robot [_] Linux, Cosmic Rays and Art Installations [_] Everyone gets a pony! [_] Getting Started with MicroPython [_] How to run Kubernetes on your spare hardware at home, and save the world
11:40 [_] More crazy flying machines - CanberraUAV and ArduPilot [_] (re)implementing (Google) maglev in Rust [_] Lessons from three years of volunteering to teach students code [_] Is the 370 the worst bus route in Sydney? [_] The Twisting, Turning, Narrow Road That Is Security
01:40 [_] What does the buyout of @arduino mean for #openhardware? [_] Make a bigger pie: Updating the partition count in a consistent hash ring [_] Dealing with Contributor Overload [_] XFS: Teaching an Old Dog Old Tricks [_] Practical hands-on accessibility testing [_] FOSS is Child's Play
02:35 [_] Should you rewrite in Rust? [_] Open Source in the FIRST Robotics Competition [_] What happens when you quit your day job to work on OSS [_] A Brief History of I/O [_] The Open Sourcing of Infrastructure
03:50 [_] Securing the Linux boot process [_] Can your diff(1) do this?! Improving software review & QA with diffoscope [_] Creating open data about Australia’s local councillors: Our Outreachy Internship 2017 [_] Freedom Embedded: Devices that Respect Users and Communities [_] Using GStreamer [_] Next Generation Config Mgmt: Reactive Systems
04:45 [_] Future Technological Directions in Bitcoin [_] Challenges and discoveries bringing open source software to the PowerPC64LE world. [_] Open data for political and financial transparency [_] Taking license compatibility semi-seriously [_] Extending C++ With Python (A Brief Odyssey)
Great Hall CB01.05.009 Guthrie Theatre CB06.03.28 Collaborative Lecture Theatre CB11.00.405 Medium Lecture Theatre CB11.00.401 Large POD Room CB11.04.400 Green Theatre CB07.02.25
Thu 25

09:00 [_] Thursday Welcome
09:10 [_] Keynote: Wandering through the Commons
10:45 [_] Panel: Meltdown, Spectre, and the free-software community [_] The Meson Build System - 4+ years of work to become an overnight success [_] OpenMRS stories: saving lives with open source [_] The long and winding road to 10 Gigabit + in the Home Network [_] Signal Analysis with Open Source Logic Analysers
11:40 [_] Making Technology More Inclusive Through Papercraft and Sound [_] micro-Linux init (PID1) in Golang [_] Building a Better Thermostat [_] Robotica - Robot maid for assisting with autistic kids [_] What is the most common street name in Australia?
01:40 [_] Can RCU and CPU hotplug survive the attack of the killer virtual environments? [_] Budget CNC machining [_] F-Droid: The private, secure, free and open app store for Android [_] High performance science - open and reproducible neuroscience image processing that scales? [_] Rust Programming Techniques [_] Personalisation at Scale: A “Cookie Cutter” Approach
02:35 [_] Tap On to Reverse Engineering [_] System Suspend Support in the Linux Kernel 2007 - 2017 [_] Mirror, mirror, on the wall: testing Conway’s Law in open source communities [_] Geographically distributed multi-master replication with PostgreSQL and BDR [_] Typesafe CSS-in-JS
03:50 [_] Linux: the first second [_] Aussie Add-ons: Liberating Australian catch-up TV with Open Source [_] Burning Down the Castle [_] IPv6 and Containers: Why We Can't Have Nice Things (And How We Can) [_] Inkscape for absolute beginners [_] Elm by Example - Make beautiful map displays with Elm and Leaflet
04:45 [_] Developing NVM Express [_] Insights - solving every problem for good [_] Sane Behaviour on Teeny Hardware [_] Unions: The way to hack society's operating system [_] Let's write a Debugger!
Great Hall CB01.05.009 Guthrie Theatre CB06.03.28 Collaborative Lecture Theatre CB11.00.405 Medium Lecture Theatre CB11.00.401 Large POD Room CB11.04.400 Green Theatre CB07.02.25
Fri 26

09:00 [_] Friday Welcome
09:10 [_] Keynote: Containers aka crazy user space fun
10:45 [_] The RomCom, the App and the Wardrobe [_] Device Tree: Past, Present, and Future [_] Let me secure that for you [_] Self-Documenting Coders: Writing Workshop for Devs [_] Flying autonomous aircraft: Mixed-criticality support in seL4
11:40 [_] Driving Virtual Reality from Linux [_] nftables from a user perspective [_] Modernising firmware testing on POWER with Python and pre-release everything [_] Elfen Scheduling: Fine-Grain Principled Borrowing from Latency-Critical Workloads using SMT [_] The State of Kernel Self-Protection
01:40 [_] Broadcom's Open Source Graphics Stack [_] QUIC: Replacing TCP for the Web [_] Making distributed storage easy: usability in Ceph Luminous and beyond [_] You Should Speak [_] Please Contain Me: Practical LXC on the Desktop [_] A division of labor in free software
02:35 [_] The Serial Device Bus [_] Mass Production: Open-source Testing in Manufacturing [_] The Web Is Dead! Long Live The Web! [_] Remote Work: My first decade working from the far end of the earth [_] Don't Look Back in Anger: Wildman Whitehouse and the Great Failure of 1858
03:50 [_] Lightning talks
04:35 [_] Conference Closing

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