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Cockle Bay C3.3 C3.4 & C3.5 C3.6
Fri 24

09:00 [_] Security and Privacy Track [_] DjangoCon AU [_] Education Track [_] Internet of Things
09:05 [_] How Python saved a rescue dog - a foster fail story
09:15 [_] Agloe - What the map makers of the 1930s can teach us about protecting our data in 2018. [_] Writing To Be Understood [_] Data is the new shiny thing
09:35 [_] Lighting Macro Photographs with CircuitPython
10:30 [_] Privacy Preserving Record Linkage [_] Creating Solid APIs [_] Python all the subjects! [_] Writing fast and efficient MicroPython
11:10 [_] Security Architecture from Ancient Times [_] A traveller's guide to mapping technologies in Django [_] Running Python on your brain computer [_] Asyncio in (Micro)Python
11:50 [_] Learning from the mistakes that even big projects make [_] Becoming a Multilingual SuperHero in Django [_] Python coding on Chromebooks - our story. [_] Embedded applications using Python and Debian
01:30 [_] Operation Luigi: How I hacked my friend without her noticing [_] Dynamic web pages without Javascript [_] Teaching OOP using Python (Progressing from GameMaker to Pygame) [_] Demystifying LoRaWAN with PyCom
02:10 [_] Securing Your Company's Data: Encryption, Deletion and Other Best Practices [_] Multi-Factor Authentication: How it works and why you need to be using it yesterday [_] Scissors-Paper-Rock your classroom with differentiated projects [_] Workplace Environment Sensing with Python
02:50 [_] Don’t be a fail whale: secure your containers [_] PostgreSQL Indexing : How, why, and when. [_] Teaching Python to Design Students [_] Automating Your Home with Python, Raspberry Pi and Homekit
04:00 [_] WebAuthn: Multi-factor Auth For Everyone [_] Taking Django Async [_] Education Seminar Student Showcase [_] Internet of Human Connectedness
04:40 [_] The Panel [_] Design for Non-Designers [_] The DDoS is coming from inside the house
05:20 [_] Django Against the Dark Arts
Cockle Bay C3.3 C3.4 & C3.5 C3.6
Sat 25

08:30 [_] First-timers Session [_] First-timers Session
09:00 [_] Welcome
09:15 [_] Annie Parker
10:30 [_] Remote First, Not Second Best. [_] Think Globally; Internationalise Locally [_] Describing Descriptors [_] Pi-thon: Teaching maths with python!
11:10 [_] All in the Timing: Side-Channel Attacks [_] End-to-end Energy Monitoring in Python [_] What is the most common street name in Australia? [_] Stupid computer! Improving error messages for beginner programmers
11:50 [_] The Case of the Mysteriously High System Load [_] Why you should care about types: How Python typing helped my team scale [_] Danger Will Robinson! Warning! Warning! Warning! (What Python warnings are, why you should turn them on and how to create your own) [_] Python & Spreadsheets: Earth Dog Edition
01:30 [_] Running Python web applications in Docker [_] A Beginner's Guide to WebSockets [_] Creepy, frivolous and beautiful art made with machines (CW)
02:10 [_] Escape from auto-manual testing with Hypothesis! [_] International Cultural Bungles for Fun, Profit, and Sleeping At Night [_] Swing and a Miss: Deploying machine learning models for IoT enabled devices using Python [_] Context Managers: You Can Write Your Own!
02:50 [_] Consumption is Fractal: Open Source Sustainability [_] Resurrecting the dead with deep learning [_] Snakes in your Games [_] Refactoring Code With the Standard Library
04:00 [_] Tom Eastman
04:40 [_] Saturday Lightning Talks
Cockle Bay C3.3 C3.4 & C3.5 C3.6
Sun 26

09:00 [_] Welcome
09:10 [_] Tracy Osborn
10:30 [_] You Have Control: Learning lessons from aviation [_] Guide to your own artificial intelligence application in 3 easy steps [_] Write Perfect* Code First Time, Every Time [_] Implementing a decorator for thread synchronisation
11:10 [_] A guided tour of Python logging [_] A Web without JavaScript [_] Hello to the World in 8 Web Frameworks (Micro, Batteries Included & Async) [_] Reflections on the Creative Process - Illustrated with Watercolour Painting
11:50 [_] Secret Histories: The Women of Python [_] FP demystified [_] Multiplayer 2D games with Python Arcade [_] Create and Watch Kubernetes Resources With Python
01:30 [_] Pact in Python [_] Colossal Cave Adventure in Python... in the browser! [_] You Don't Need That! [_] Task Queues: A Celery Story
02:10 [_] Be a brilliant mentor [_] How To Publish A Package On PyPI [_] Accessing and analysing your own social media data [_] There is no "now" and sensor data's the worst
02:50 [_] Unicode and Python: the absolute minimum you need to know [_] Watch out for Safety Bandits! [_] When the Python Bites: A Survival Guide to Errors [_] People are coming to my workshop, now what?
04:00 [_] Sunday Lightning Talks
05:00 [_] Conference Close

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