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Baobab Cedarwood Yellowwood
Wed 10

09:00 [_] Introduction to Python for Data Science, Part 1 [_] Hello Types
01:30 [_] Introduction to Python for Data Science, Part 2 [_] Building Web Mapping Applications using GeoDjango and other FOSS GIS
Baobab Cedarwood Yellowwood
Thu 11

09:15 [_] Distributed microservices in the real world
10:15 [_] Python as a tool for e-health systems [_] Playing with Python's internals [_] Elementary, my dear Python
11:35 [_] Reproducible Data Science with Docker [_] The Developer's Guide to Data Science [_] Bring Django Girls Workshop to Mozambique.
12:20 [_] From Idea to Product: Customer Profiling in Apache Zeppelin with PySpark [_] An introduction to concurrent programming with asyncio [_] A Brief Introduction to PyGame Zero
01:55 [_] Jupyter Notebooks for Data Science [_] Deploying and Managing Python with Kubernetes [_] Testing in the wild
02:40 [_] Teach kids (7-17) to code with python & CoderDojo [_] How to deploy your Python Web App on Google Cloud Platform [_] Test your Docker images with Python
03:45 [_] Thursday Lightning Talks
04:15 [_] Python on Azure
Baobab Cedarwood Yellowwood
Fri 12

09:15 [_] So What's the Story? [_] Batteries Included [_] Python Community Development in East Africa
10:00 [_] Dimensionality reduction - squeezing out the good stuff with PCA [_] (Re)solving an appliance traffic dilemma with the DNS loophole [_] From Zero to kind of a hero: Getting your Python side project ready for deployment
11:15 [_] Guide to choose right deep Learning framework for your AI project [_] Developing good ORMs is HARD! [_] Two approaches to python web services
12:00 [_] Bayesian Analysis in Python: A Starter Kit [_] Sanic: Async Python (uvloop) with a familiar flask like feel. [_] Building Rest API with Django Rest Framework
01:30 [_] My Journey into Artificial Intelligence [_] Fast random number generation in Python and NumPy [_] Python as a tool to boost productivity in (electronic) product and system development.
02:25 [_] Insight into Customer Segmentation [_] Parallel Programming with (Py)OpenCL for Fun and Profit [_] Custom metadata plugins for Calibre: cataloguing an old paper library
03:30 [_] Friday Lightning Talks
04:00 [_] Machine Learning in Real Life

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