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Cockle Bay C3.3 C3.4 & C3.5 C3.6
Fri 02

09:15 [_] Rust's Recipes for Code and Community [_] Using Python to make learning Python better
09:30 [_] Opening Doors with JSON Web Tokens [_] You don't always need NumPy
10:30 [_] New Phone, Who Dis?: Human Authentication in the Digital Age [_] Safely eval Python syntax using the AST module [_] Flying by the seat of our pants - our journey of teaching python using drones [_] Extracting tabular data from PDFs with Camelot & Excalibur
11:10 [_] Data Sharing in Modern Australia [_] Web Accessibility In Django [_] Automagically marking Python course work and assessments in seconds! [_] Using Dash by Plotly for Interactive Visualisation of Crime Data
11:50 [_] Securing your AWS Identity Management pipeline with PyTest [_] Forklifting Django: Migrating A Complex Django App To Kubernetes [_] What makes Micro:bits different? [_] Building, designing, teaching and training simulation environments for Machine Learning
01:30 [_] Forecasting Australia's 2019 Election with PyMC3 [_] WASM matter? [_] Concept to Classroom: Creating fun differentiated programming projects [_] Stealing Chrome cookies without a password
02:10 [_] cuDF: RAPIDS GPU-Accelerated Dataframe Library [_] Just Add Await: Retrofitting Async Into Django [_] Using Python, Flask and Docker To Teach Web Pentesting [_] Best Practices for Cryptography In Python
02:50 [_] Understanding GPUs [_] 3D Rendering with Python [_] How to lose a container in 10 minutes
04:00 [_] Not a long time ago, in a galaxy not very far away, an astronomer and a computer scientist walk into a bar... [_] Pony, Cat, and Paw: Getting Started with the Open Source Menagerie [_] Education Seminar Student Showcase [_] Threat Modeling the Death Star
04:40 [_] Learn to control your brain: Brain Computer Interfacing with Python [_] The Unspeakable Horror of Discovering You Didn't Write Tests [_] How to get everyone to get on board with software security: practical tips and suggestions.
05:20 [_] Machine Learning and Cyber Security - Detecting malicious URLs in the haystack [_] Using Python, Django, and ruthlessness to protect people from social media harassment. [_] The Security Panel
Cockle Bay C3.3 C3.4 & C3.5 C3.6
Sat 03

08:30 [_] First-timers Session [_] First-timers Session
09:00 [_] Welcome
09:20 [_] Creating Lasting Change
10:30 [_] Building a Sustainable Python Package Index [_] Lessons learned building Python microservices [_] It's Pythons All The Way Down: Python Types & Metaclasses Made Simple
11:10 [_] Goodbye Print Statements, Hello Debugger! [_] Tunnel Snakes Rule! Bringing the many worlds of Python together to monitor Melbourne's biggest infrastructure project. [_] Making Acquaintances with Exotic Encodings
11:50 [_] Using comedy as an excuse to play with python-programmed microcontrollers [_] Post-mortems: Building better software together. [_] Pretty vector graphics - Playing with SVG in Python [_] Building an interactive training environment using JupyterHub
01:30 [_] Anatomy of a Browser [_] Python Applications in Infrastructure Planning and Civil Engineering [_] Logging Rethought 2: The Actions of Frank Taylor Jr. [_] Sufficiently Advanced Testing
02:10 [_] Fantastic Blocks And Where To Hide Them [_] You might not need gender!
02:50 [_] When software and law are the same thing [_] How I auto-refactored a huge OSS project to use pytest [_] Profiling Pathogens with (micro) Python [_] Tracing, Profiling & Debugging in Production (eBPF)
04:00 [_] The Antipodes
04:40 [_] Saturday Lightning Talks
Cockle Bay C3.3 C3.4 & C3.5 C3.6
Sun 04

09:00 [_] Welcome
09:20 [_] The real costs of Open Source Sustainability
10:30 [_] The New COBOL [_] Changing what’s normal: how to transfer concepts between groups [_] Shipping your first Python package and automating future publishing
11:10 [_] Devpi for teams [_] What PHP learned from Python [_] Insights into Social Media Data using Entropy Theory
11:50 [_] What not to do, and how to do it [_] A Programmer's Guide to Public Speaking [_] It's dark and my lights aren't working (an asyncio success story) [_] Let's Build a Symbolic Analyser And Automatically Find Bugs
01:30 [_] Teaching Python with tiny, occult pandas [_] Python Oddities Explained [_] The universe as balls and springs: molecular dynamics in Python [_] Extending MicroPython: Using C for good!
02:10 [_] "Git hook[ed]” on images & up your documentation game [_] Instant-feedback, instant-debugging Python coding [_] No time to idle about: Profiling import time in Python
02:50 [_] Environment Variables: how software impacts climate change [_] Volumetric Performance Capture and Playback: A Workflow with Python [_] Micropython Gotchas [_] Orchestrating complex (not complicated) tasks using AWS serverless and Python
04:00 [_] Sunday Lightning Talks
05:00 [_] Conference Close

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