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Arena Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9
Tue 14

10:45 [_] Facebook, Dynamite, Uber, Bombs, and You
11:05 [_] Evolution of Linux Containers to Container Native Storage...
11:35 [_] The Internet: Protecting Our Democratic Lifeline
12:00 [_] Dynamic Workloads need Dynamic Storage - using rook-ceph with k8s
01:30 [_] Privacy and Transparency in VPN industry [_] OCIv2: Container Images Considered Harmful
02:05 [_] Authentication Afterlife: the dark side of making lost password recovery harder
02:20 [_] Kubernetes Developer Workflows in Visual Studio Code
02:40 [_] You Shall Not Pass
03:45 [_] An intro to improving the security of your code with free analysis tools [_] The future of the desktop is on hypervisor powered containers
04:35 [_] The Psychology of Multi-Factor Authentication
04:55 [_] Every Image Has A Purpose
Arena Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9
Wed 15

10:45 [_] Snek: A Python-Inspired Language for Tiny Embedded Computers [_] From bits to legs to locomotion: Building a hexapod from the ground up [_] We know when you are sleeping: The Rise of Energy Smart Meters [_] Automated acceptance tests for terminal applications [_] Building a zero downtime Kubernetes cluster [_] An introduction to Penetration Testing using Kali Linux
11:40 [_] I Was Wrong [_] Everything Awesome about GPU Drivers [_] Verified seL4 on secure RISC-V processors [_] Like, Share and Subscribe: Effective Communication of Security Advice [_] Piku: git push deployments to your own servers
01:30 [_] The Linux network stack extension for DDoS mitigation and web security [_] What UNIX Cost Us [_] What Makes Decentralisation Hard? And How Do We Overcome This? [_] Good, better, breast: Building a sensing mastectomy prosthetic with open hardware [_] Panfrost: Open Source meets Arm Mali GPUs [_] Velociraptor - Dig Deeper
02:25 [_] Planning for and handling failures from open hardware, aviation, to production at Google [_] Securing Container Runtimes -- How Hard Can It Be? [_] Privacy is not Binary: A discussion of data systems, ethics, and human rights [_] How internet congestion control actually works in the bufferbloat age [_] Clevis and Tang: securing your secrets at rest
03:45 [_] Control Flow Integrity in the Linux Kernel [_] Open collaborations: leadership succession and leadership success [_] Desktop Linux, without a keyboard, mouse or desk [_] Electronics from your Kitchen Drawer [_] It's All About Timing [_] Kicad for software developers
04:40 [_] Open Source Citizenship [_] Open AND High Performance Computing [_] Linux in the Cloud, on Prem, or... on a Mainframe? [_] The Story of PulseAudio and Compress Offload [_] No Docs? No Problem! From Zero to Full Documentation in Less Time than You Think
Arena Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9
Thu 16

10:45 [_] When Jargon Becomes Gibberish [_] Compiling Your Story: Using Techniques from Compiler Design to Check Your Narrative [_] Decoding battery management data - back in the old school [_] Engineer tested, manager approved: Migrating Windows/.NET services to Linux [_] Musings of an Accidental Chair - change from the inside out [_] A B C of 3D : Introduction to making 3D art using blender
11:40 [_] Behind (and under) the scenes of the Meson build system [_] NTFS really isn't that bad [_] Collecting information with care [_] In-depth technical story: Fixing I/O performance for Windows guests in OpenStack Ceph clouds [_] VM block error injection, a novel approach for testing Linux storage
01:30 [_] ROS on your robot: the tale of an inside, an outside robot and 2 arms [_] Building an ethical data infrastructure [_] Privacy Preserving IoT [_] Portable, Attested, Secure Execution with Enarx [_] How to capture 100G Ethernet traffic at wire speed to local disk [_] Introduction to Rust (for people who have never used a compiler)
02:25 [_] The EU Says The Laws of Mathematics Apply in Australia [_] KUnit - Unit Testing for the Linux Kernel [_] The Secret Life of Routers [_] The Ops in the Serverless
03:45 [_] Open Source Won, but Software Freedom Hasn't Yet: A Guide & Commiseration Session for FOSS activists [_] Using WhatsApp as a Command Line ( Breaking out of the walled Garden) [_] Room scale VR tracking with OpenHMD [_] Playable Ads: What REALLY are they? [_] How to Write a Retro Arcade Emulator [_] Macro Security for your Microservices
04:40 [_] Large Pages in Linux [_] What Lies Beneath: What are they really tracking and how? [_] Advanced Stream Processing on the Edge [_] eChronos Lyrae: A 64-bit multi-core RTOS kernel for ARM and RISC-V [_] Practical Ethics: building it better in 2020 and beyond
Arena Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9
Fri 17

10:45 [_] TPM based attestation - how can we use it for good? [_] Zero Trust SSH [_] Everything you know is wrong: why using big words can made you sound stupid [_] The Fight to Keep the Watchers at Bay [_] The magical fantasy land of Linux kernel testing [_] Behind the scenes of an ELK system
11:40 [_] Affordable Custom Input Devices [_] RFC 1984: Or why you should start worrying about encryption backdoors and mass data collection [_] Privacy, Security, Convenience; when it comes to home automation, can we pick all three? [_] Securing firmware: Secure and Trusted boot in OpenBMC [_] Building a Compiler for Quantum Computers
01:30 [_] Betrusted: Better Security Through Physical Partitioning [_] "Write a single library to handle all input devices, it'll be easy" they said... [_] The life of open source spatial with QGIS - From hobby to grown up, with bonus growing pains [_] smbcmp: A new tool to diff network captures [_] Transpile anything to everything! [_] Professional quality layout design with Scribus
02:25 [_] Tensorflow on open source GPUs [_] Privacy and Decentralisation with Multicast [_] New Phone, Who Dis?: Human Authentication in the Digital Age [_] Senseless - environmental sensing without additional hardware [_] How to make kernel and user space CI for input devices?

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