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12:15 [_] Programming Your Computer With Python [_] Pants: Cargo for Python
01:15 [_] Data Science beasts (failures) and where to find them [_] Ranking and Retrieval Techniques for Retrieval Augmented Generation with Haystack
01:30 [_] Type safe data validation using Pydantic v2
01:45 [_] Craft Complex Mock Data
02:00 [_] Embeddings: What they are and why they matter
02:15 [_] Python deployment with Docker and Poetry
02:30 [_] Let's talk about JWT
03:15 [_] FORKS? POOLS? ASYNC? Solving Wordle with Python’s concurrency tools [_] Infrastructure as a Product: Lessons in Platform Engineering
03:45 [_] Elevating Python Development with Nix Package Manager [_] Using pandas and pyspark to address challenges in processing and storing time series instrument data
04:15 [_] Contain Yourself [_] Python in Hardware & Embedded Systems: A Deep Dive
04:45 [_] No More Nitpicks: effortless cleanup with fixers, formatters, and codemods [_] Better Together: Unleashing the Synergy of Pandas, Polars, and Apache Arrow
05:00 [_] Python, Planets, and Portals: Designing Web Apps for Modern Astronomers [_] Scale Data Science by Pandas API on Spark
06:00 [_] Testing Strategies for Python [_] Beyond Conventional: Embracing Python & LLMs for Quality Assurance
06:30 [_] Shiny: Data-centric web applications in Python [_] Understanding LangChain Agents and Tools with Twilio (or with SMS)
06:54 [_] Unleashing Python's Power: Serverless Innovations with AWS Lambda
07:00 [_] Python's Types: 5 Amazing Ways Python Type Hints Will Supercharge Your Code [_] Design Patterns for Data Pipelines

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