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Client: Big Apple Py

Show: PyGotham_2015 - https://pygotham.org/2015/
Dates: Aug. 15, 2015 - Aug. 16, 2015
Rooms (4): Room 701 , Room 702 , Room 704 , Room 705 ,

Youtube account: ndv
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Archive.org account: ndv

Mastodon account: ndv
prefix: #PyGotham

Schedule data: https://pygotham.org/api/v1/events/2/schedule/
Item Count: 65

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Tags: - python

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https://pygotham.org/2015/ http://www.amaconferencecenter.org/new-york-floor-plans.htm https://pygotham.org/api/v1/events/2/schedule/ file://schedules/pyg15.json
"Paul Logston" <paul@nycpython.org>, Jon Banafato <jon@nycpython.org>, PyGotham Organizers <organizers@pygotham.org>

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