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title: ZenIRCBot and the Art of Pub/Sub
authors: Wraithan
2308 ZenIRCBot_and_the_Art_of_PubSub.png

title: Mighty Messaging Patterns
authors: Brock Whitten
2309 Mighty_Messaging_Patterns.png

title: Let's Make Music!
authors: Matthew Lyon
2310 Lets_Make_Music.png

title: beep boop
authors: James Halliday
2311 beep_boop.png

title: Realtime Hardware with Node.js
authors: Emily Rose
2312 Realtime_Hardware_with_Nodejs.png

title: Hands On Realtime Text Analytics
authors: J Chris Anderson
2313 Hands_On_Realtime_Text_Analytics.png

title: Implementing Git in JavaScript & the Browser
authors: Chris Dickinson
2314 Implementing_Git_in_JavaScript_the_Browser.png

title: An Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming
authors: Chris Meiklejohn
2315 An_Introduction_to_Functional_Reactive_Programming.png

title: Thursday Lightning Talks
2316 Thursday_Lightning_Talks.png

title: Programming with a Purpose
authors: Jason Denizac
2317 Programming_with_a_Purpose.png

title: Optimizing Single-Page Javascript Websites for SEO
authors: Hannah Fouasnon
2318 Optimizing_SinglePage_Javascript_Websites_for_SEO.png

title: Introducing NodeSecurity.io
authors: Adam Baldwin
2319 Introducing_NodeSecurityio.png

title: Azure for the non-Microsoft Person - How and Why?
authors: Scott Hanselman
2320 Azure_for_the_nonMicrosoft_Person_How_and_Why.png

title: Intro to Sails.js
authors: Mike McNeil
2321 Intro_to_Sailsjs.png

title: Put a Sensor On It!
authors: Adam Ulvi
2322 Put_a_Sensor_On_It.png

title: Teaching Robots to See with JavaScript
authors: Peter Braden
2323 Teaching_Robots_to_See_with_Javascript.png

title: Module Driven Development
authors: Thorsten Lorenz
2324 Module_Driven_Development.png

title: Minecraft.js
authors: Max Ogden
2325 Minecraftjs.png

title: Building a Multiplayer World for Pillow Pets
authors: Charlie Key
2326 Building_a_Multiplayer_World_for_Pillow_Pets.png

title: My Sensors Love Node.js
authors: Ward Cunningham
2327 My_Sensors_Love_Nodejs.png

title: Building a Computer In Your Browser
authors: Zach Babb
2328 Building_a_Computer_In_Your_Browser.png

title: Friday Lightning Talks
2329 Friday_Lightning_Talks.png

title: Know Your Environment
authors: Jerry Sievert
2330 Know_Your_Environment.png

title: Do as I say, not as I do: Node in the real world
authors: Forrest Norvell
2331 Do_as_I_say_not_as_I_do_Node_in_the_real_world.png

title: Ship It!
authors: Horse and Unicorn
2342 ship_it.png

title: Handling Errors with Cluster and Domains
authors: Paul A Jungwirth
2332 Handling_Errors_with_Clusters_and_Domains.png

title: Punching Rocks: Bloody knuckling my way through rock climbing and learning to code
authors: Tracy Abrahms
2333 Punching_Rocks_Rock_Climbing_and_Becoming_a_Programmer.png

title: Clustering Node.js on OpenShift
authors: Ryan Jarvinen
2334 Clustering_Nodejs_on_OpenShift.png

title: Jive Purposeful Places SDK - A NodeJS Bromance
authors: Aron Racho
2335 Jive_Purposeful_Places_SDK_A_NodeJS_Bromance.png

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