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title: James Slater Morning Roundup and Code of Conduct
authors: James Slater
2690 james_slater_morning_roundup_and_code_conduct.png

title: What is Software Freedom?
authors: David Eads
2691 what_software_freedom.png

title: Farewell and Welcome Home - Transition and Inclusion in FOSS
authors: Naomi Ceder
2692 farewell_and_welcome_home_transition_and_inclusion_foss.png

title: Image editing with GIMP
authors: Chris Fitzgerald
2693 image_editing_gimp.png

title: Principles of Privacy
authors: Radicals Against Discrimination (R.A.D.) Chicago
2694 principles_privacy.png

title: Open Hardware and the Future of Games
authors: Jay Margalus and Russ Lankenau
2695 open_hardware_and_future_games.png

title: Open Source in International Markets
authors: Mahrinah von Schlegel
2696 open_source_international_markets.png

title: Getting Involved with FOSS Projects
authors: Meg Ford
2697 getting_involved_foss_projects.png

title: Chicago Food Inspections Project
authors: Wilberto Morales
2698 chicago_food_inspections_project.png

title: Cook County Jail Scraper
authors: Supreme Chi-Town Coding Crew, David Eads
2699 cook_county_jail_scraper.png

title: FOSS Project Hour - Moderated Discussion and Q&A
authors: FreeGeek Volunteer
2700 foss_project_hour_moderated_discussion_and_q.png

title: James Slater Evening Roundup and Appreciation
authors: James Slater
2701 james_slater_evening_roundup_and_appreciation.png

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