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title: Welcome
authors: Garrett Smith
2705 welcome.png

title: Scaling Erlang in the Manycore Era
authors: Alex Gounares
2706 scaling_erlang_manycore_era.png

title: High Volume Messaging at the Huffington Post
authors: Adam Denenberg
2707 high_volume_messaging_huffington_post.png

title: Essential Erlang/OTP
authors: Garrett Smith
2708 essential_erlangotp.png

title: Erlang and the Six Laws of Fault Tolerance
authors: Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya
2709 erlang_and_six_laws_fault_tolerance.png

title: Erlang and the Brain
authors: Corey Haines
2710 erlang_brain.png

title: Functional Programming for Trading Systems
authors: Susan Potter
2711 functional_programming_trading_systems.png

title: From Ruby to Erlang: An Unexpected Journey
authors: Christopher Meiklejohn
2712 ruby_erlang_unexpected_journey.png

title: Erlang and Web Scale
authors: Todd Bittner, Sean Cribbs, Jesse Gumm, Evan Miller, Steve Vinoski
2713 erlang_and_web_scale.png

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