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title: Opening Remarks
authors: William Golden
10505 opening_remarks.png

title: Keynote
authors: Yehuda Katz
10441 Keynote_3.png

title: Nuts and Bolts of Internationalization
authors: Aria Stewart
10442 Nuts_and_Bolts_of_Internationalization.png

title: Redux: Simplifying Application State in JavaScript
authors: Tim Griesser
10446 Redux_Simplifying_Application_State_in_JavaScript.png

title: Don't Make Me Refresh!
authors: Hunter Loftis
10450 Dont_Make_Me_Refresh.png

title: Content Management and Node.js
authors: Jed Watson
10454 Content_Management_and_Nodejs.png

title: The proof is in the pudding - seneca+hapi
authors: Wyatt Preul
10458 The_proof_is_in_the_pudding_senecahapi.png

title: Board Game JS
authors: Kelly King
10462 Board_Game_JS.png

title: Keynote
authors: Ed Finkler
10466 Keynote_4.png

title: Keynote
authors: Soledad Penad├ęs
10467 Keynote_5.png

title: Blocking Across The Wire
authors: Kyle Simspon
10468 Blocking_Across_The_Wire.png

title: Instant Text
authors: Guillermo Rauch
10472 TBD_3.png

title: What every Node.js developer should know about Elixir
authors: Bryan Hunter
10476 What_every_Nodejs_developer_should_know_about_Elixir.png

title: npm and SOA: how we use SOA, and why node is good at SOA
authors: Laurie Voss
10480 npm_and_SOA_how_we_use_SOA_and_why_node_is_good_at_SOA.png

title: React Native in Production
authors: Adam Miskiewicz
10483 React_Native_in_Production.png

title: Node.js security experiments: A trip back in time.
authors: Adam Baldwin
10487 Nodejs_security_experiments_A_trip_back_in_time.png

title: Keynote
authors: Douglas Crockford
10491 Keynote_6.png

title: Eliminate Javascript Code Smells
authors: Elijah Manor
10443 Eliminate_Javascript_Code_Smells.png

title: The dirty secrets of building large, highly available, scalable HTTP APIs
authors: Damian Schenkelman
10447 The_dirty_secrets_of_building_large_highly_available_scalable_HTTP_APIs.png

title: Sugar and Spice and everything nice about ES6
authors: Ben Ilegbodu
10451 Sugar_and_Spice_and_everything_nice_about_ES6.png

title: Callback-less Asynchrony: ES6, Generators, and the next wave of JavaScript development
authors: Nicholas Young
10455 Callbackless_Asynchrony_ES6_Generators_and_the_next_wave_of_JavaScript_development.png

title: Into the npm installer -- How it works and where it's complex
authors: Rebecca Turner
10459 Into_the_npm_installer_how_it_works_and_where_its_complex.png

title: Telling stories with data visualization and D3
authors: Chris Keathley
10463 Telling_stories_with_data_visualization_and_D3.png

title: Exploring the Physical World with Node
authors: Stacey Mulcahy
10469 Exploring_the_Physical_World_with_Node.png

title: Testing, the way it should be.
authors: Brian Mann
10473 Testing_the_way_it_should_be.png

title: GraphQL and Relay
authors: Kyle Mathews
10477 GraphQL_and_Relay.png

title: 10 weird tricks that React developers near you are using to create reusable components
authors: Dave Thompson
10481 You_wont_believe_these_10_weird_tricks_that_React_developers_near_you_are_using_to_create_reusable_components.png

title: Building Static Sites with React
authors: Robert Pearce
10484 building-static-sites-react.png

title: Styling React Components in JavaScript
authors: Michael Chan
10488 Styling_React_Component_in_JavaScript.png

title: From Node n00b to not so Node n00b
authors: Rey Bango
10444 From_Node_n00b_to_not_so_Node_n00b.png

title: ClojureScript Made Easy
authors: Jonathan Boston
10448 ClojureScript_Made_Easy.png

title: Building simple Node.js microservices using Hapi and Redis
authors: Jeff Barczewski
10452 Building_simple_Nodejs_microservices_using_Hapi_and_Redis.png

title: Cross-Platform Desktop Apps with Electron
authors: David Neal
10456 CrossPlatform_Desktop_Apps_with_Electron.png

title: Advanced Webpack
authors: Jonathan Creamer
10460 Advanced_Webpack.png

title: A Telegraph To The Future Of Web Applications
authors: Derick Bailey
10464 A_Telegraph_To_The_Future_Of_Web_Applications.png

title: Orchestrating Apps by Composing Angular Directives
authors: Jeremy Fairbank
10470 Orchestrating_Apps_by_Composing_Angular_Directives.png

title: RRR - React, RethinkDB, Raspberry Pi
authors: Mike Glukhovsky
10474 RRR_React_RethinkDB_Raspberry_Pi.png

title: Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
authors: Aimee Knight
10478 Getting_Comfortable_Being_Uncomfortable_Lessons_Learned_One_Year_After_the_Nashville_Software_School.png

title: Arisen from the Ashes: Phoenix.js and Websockets
authors: Max Beizer
10482 Arisen_from_the_Ashes_Phoenixjs_and_Websockets.png

title: These Bots are Made for Walkin'
authors: Donovan Buck
10485 These_Bots_are_Made_for_Walkin.png

title: Alternate Futures: Game-playing AI in JS
authors: Jason Orendorff
10489 Alternate_Futures_Gameplaying_AI_in_JS.png

title: Intuitive 3D Math Crash Course
authors: Jorge Rodriguez
10445 Intuitive_3D_Math_Crash_Course.png

title: Accessibility Debt
authors: Robert DeLuca
10449 Accessibility_Debt.png

title: The communal upbringing of a Nodebotanist: How community can make or break your career.
authors: Kassandra Perch
10453 The_communal_upbringing_of_a_Nodebotanist_how_community_can_make_or_break_your_career.png

title: Taking Your Web Apps Offline
authors: Mike Nitchie
10457 Taking_Your_Web_Apps_Offline.png

title: Username and Passwords are dead. Mobile ALL the thingz.
authors: Jacques Woodcock
10461 Username_and_Passwords_are_dead_Mobile_ALL_the_thingz.png

title: Scaling Best Practices with Syntax Trees
authors: Will Klein
10465 Scaling_Best_Practices_with_Syntax_Trees.png

title: Introduction to Testing Node.js
authors: Jordan Kasper
10471 Introduction_to_Testing_Nodejs.png

title: Making your JavaScript code debuggable
authors: Patrick Mueller
10475 Making_your_JavaScript_code_debuggable.png

title: Reactive Composition: TodoMVC Tutorial/Lab
authors: Scott Southworth
10479 Reactive_Composition_TodoMVC_TutorialLab.png

title: Text, yea, just render it, whatever...
authors: Parris Khachi
10486 Text_yea_just_render_it_whatever.png

title: Native JavaScript
authors: Jon Beebe
10490 Native_JavaScript.png

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