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title: Welcome and intro to Networkshop
authors: Chris Hancock
12266 welcome_and_intro_networkshop.png

title: Who Moved My Network?
authors: Phillip Grasso-Nguyen
12267 who_moved_my_network.png

title: SDN and OpenFlow
authors: Vijay Sivaraman & Craig Russell
12268 sdn_and_openflow.png

title: How to deploy a production, multivendor, enterprise SDN network, and why you should too
authors: Brad Cowie
12269 how_deploy_production_multivendor_enterprise_sdn_network_and_why_you_should_too.png

title: Case Study: using designs from the Open Compute Project
authors: Andrew Ruthven
12270 case_study_using_designs_open_compute_project.png

title: New developments in software defined networking (SDN) technology - Discussion
12271 new_developments_software_defined_networking_sdn_technology_discussion.png

title: Future network design ideas
authors: James Horne
12272 future_network_design_ideas.png

title: Research Network Architecture
authors: Srdjan Luzajic
12273 research_network_architecture.png

title: Inter-campus connectivity
authors: Stuart Robertson
12330 inter_campus_connectivity.png

title: Case Study: WDM at CSIRO
authors: Phillip Coles
12274 case_study_wdm_csiro.png

title: Campus Wireless Networks Panel Discussion - UWS, La Trobe, Deakin and other unis share challenge and success stories.
12275 campus_wireless_networks_panel_discussion_uws_la_trobe_deakin_and_other_unis_share_challenge_and_success_stories.png

title: AARNet update
authors: David Wilde
12276 aarnet_update.png

title: Lightning Talks (Thursday)
12277 lightning_talks_thursday.png

title: Archaeology
authors: Peter Elford
12331 archaeology.png

title: Connecting to AWS, Microsoft Azure: what’s involved and the challenges
authors: Warrick Mitchell
12278 connecting_aws_microsoft_azure_whats_involved_and_challenges.png

title: Case Study: Data Centre diversity
authors: Tim Brown & Ayden Beeson
12279 case_study_data_centre_diversity.png

title: Cloud connectivity and data centre network design - Discussion
12280 cloud_connectivity_and_data_centre_network_design_discussion.png

title: Introducing the new AARNet Customer Dashboard
authors: Doug Farmer
12281 introducing_new_aarnet_customer_dashboard.png

title: Monash WebNet demo
authors: Adam Bretel
12282 monash_webnet_demo.png

title: Network operations workflow and tools - Discussion
12284 network_operations_workflow_and_tools_discussion.png

title: There’s something fishy about this DDoS
authors: Chris Wiley
12286 theres_something_fishy_about_ddos.png

title: The call is coming from inside the house: hacking uni networks
authors: Neal Wise
12333 call_coming_inside_house_hacking_uni_networks.png

title: Panel Discussion: Recent security events in universities around the world. What happened, how could they have been prevented & lessons learnt.
authors: Neal Wise, “Snail” & Chris Wiley
12287 panel_discussion_recent_security_events_universities_around_world_what_happened_how_could_they_have_been_prevented_amp_lessons_learnt.png

title: Science DMZ
authors: Chris Myers
12288 science_dmz.png

title: Case Study: the Zealandia data transfer project
authors: Aaron Murrihy
12289 case_study_zealandia_data_transfer_project.png

title: Internet of Things
authors: Nick Cross
12290 internet_things.png

title: Tuning campus networks for research - Discussion
authors: Brett Rosolen
12291 tuning_campus_networks_research_discussion.png

title: Lightning Talks (Friday)
12292 lightning_talks_friday.png

title: Discussion - next steps for Networkshop and community building
12293 discussion_next_steps_networkshop_and_community_building.png

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