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title: Welcome and Logistics
authors: Mark Hershberger
13740 welcome.png

title: Structuring knowledge according to "Every Page is Page One (EPPO)"
authors: Sabine Melnicki, Lex Sulzer
13741 smw_beginner_training.png

title: Implementing EPPO on SMW
authors: Lex Sulzer, Sabine Melnicki
13742 semantic_business_domain_modeling.png

title: Introductions
authors: Chris Koerner
13743 introductions.png

title: SimpleGov
authors: Ad Strack van Schijndel
13744 simplegov.png

title: Achieving a unified data model with Cargo and Page Forms
authors: Yaron Koren
13745 achieving_unified_data_model_cargo_and_page_forms.png

title: Toward a MediaWiki Roadmap
authors: Cindy Cicalese
13746 toward_mediawiki_roadmap.png

title: State of the MediaWiki community
authors: Chris Koerner
13747 state_mediawiki_community_chris_koerner_30_min.png

title: Lightning Talks - Wednesday
13748 lightning_talks_wednesday.png

title: MediaWiki vs. Confluence
authors: Greg Rundlett
13766 mediawiki_vs_confluence.png

title: Learning from Airtable
authors: Yaron Koren
13765 learning_airtable.png

title: Supported MediaWiki
authors: Greg Rundlett
13749 supported_mediawiki.png

title: Enterprise Knowledge Management including SMW
authors: Lex Sulzer
13750 enterprise_knowledge_management_including_smw.png

title: Enterprise Managed Knowledge Capture
authors: Anthony Mallia
13751 enterprise_managed_knowledge_capture.png

title: Replacing Extensions
authors: Yaron Koren
13752 replacing_extensions.png

title: Securing MediaWiki Installation
authors: Brian Wolff
13753 securing_mediawiki_installation.png

title: User Pages: The key to Enterprise Wikis
authors: Bryan Hilderbrand
13754 user_pages_key_enterprise_wikis.png

title: Implementing Service Structures with SMW
authors: Lex Sulzer
13755 implementing_service_structures_smw.png

title: EMW and The IoT (Security and System Modeling)
authors: Rich Evans, Tony Mallia
13767 creating_emwcon_spring_2018emw_and_iot_security_and_system_modeling.png

title: What are the Enterprise MediaWiki Best Industry Practices?
authors: Bryan Hilderbrand
13757 what_are_enterprise_mediawiki_best_industry_practices.png

title: MediaWiki: A Culture of Knowledge-Sharing
authors: Mark Hershberger
13756 mediawiki_culture_knowledge_sharing.png

title: Enterprise MediaWiki tips and tricks
authors: Ike Hecht
13758 enterprise_mediawiki_tips_and_tricks.png

title: Lightning Talks - Thursday
13759 lightning_talks_thursday.png

title: MediaWiki and the European GDPR (datencockpit.at)
authors: Sabine Melnicki
13768 mediawiki_and_european_gdpr_datencockpit.png

title: MediaWiki vs. SharePoint
authors: Tony Mallia
13769 mediawiki_vs_sharepoint.png

title: Wiki Automation
authors: Peter Woudsma
13770 wiki_automation_.png

title: NASA wikis: Increasing the Awesome
authors: Daren Welsh
13760 nasa_wikis_increasing_awesome.png

title: Delivering ICT capability through a wiki policy
authors: Ben Fletcher
13761 delivering_ict_capability_through_wiki_policy.png

title: Comprehensive Quality Management with Semantic MediaWiki
authors: Michael Barylak
13762 comprehensive_quality_management_semantic_mediawiki.png

title: WMF Strategy Process
authors: Victoria Coleman
13764 wmf_strategy_process.png

title: Panel Discussion: MediaWiki Best Practices
authors: Cindy Cicalese, Bryan Hilderbrand, Daren Welsh, Ben Fletcher; moderator: Chris Koerner
13763 panel_discussion_mediawiki_best_practices.png

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