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title: Santa Cruz to Seattle With 2 1/2 Tons of Electron Microscope: A How To
authors: Adam McCombs
13839 Santa_Cruz_to_Seattle_With_2_12_Tons_of_Electron_Microscope_A_How_To.png

title: PLM: Hardware's Source Control Management
authors: Jake Janovetz
13840 PLM_Hardwares_Source_Control_Management.png

title: Beginner Circuit Board Design with KiCad
authors: Ken Olsen
13841 Beginner_Circuit_Board_Design_with_KiCad.png

title: Firmware: Hardware's sneaky passenger
authors: Chau Doan
13807 Firmware_Hardwares_sneaky_passenger.png

title: How to build a BOM: Sourcing and open source
authors: Nadya Peek
13809 How_to_build_a_BOM_Sourcing_and_open_source.png

title: More Than Music with MIDI, Tiny Computers & JavaScript
authors: George Mandis
13808 More_Than_Music_with_MIDI_Tiny_Computers_JavaScript.png

title: Applications of the Software Defined Radio
authors: Danny Webster
13815 Applications_of_the_Software_Defined_Radio.png

title: Embedded Hardware Development with Rust
authors: Jacob Creedon
13817 Embedded_Hardware_Development_with_Rust.png

title: Bits to Atoms, the making of 'Be Still, My Low Poly Heart'
authors: Ben Purdy
13814 Bits_to_Atoms_the_making_of_Be_Still_My_Low_Poly_Heart.png

title: Creating Conference Badges
authors: Jay Margalus
13820 Creating_Conference_Badges.png

title: Futel: A Technology So Advanced We Leave It Out On The Street All Night
authors: Karl Anderson
13821 Futel_A_Technology_So_Advanced_We_Leave_It_Out_On_The_Street_All_Night.png

title: DFM with your CM: How to save time and money
authors: Andy LaFrazia
13810 DFM_with_your_CM_How_to_save_time_and_money.png

title: Hacking Appliances and Prototyping Next-generation Technology and Netduino and Xamarin
authors: Bryan Costanich
13813 Hacking_Appliances_and_Prototyping_Nextgeneration_Technology_and_Netduino_and_Xamarin.png

title: Programming for the Eye: Understanding Graphics and Light
authors: Zach Archer
13823 Programming_for_the_Eye_Understanding_Graphics_and_Light.png

title: Eating Rabbits: A guide to using Python to conquer FPGA video systems
authors: Tim 'mithro' Ansell
13822 Eating_Rabbits_A_guide_to_using_Python_to_conquer_FPGA_video_systems.png

title: Searching for the Light: Using OpticSpy to Receive Optical Transmissions
authors: Joe Grand
13818 Searching_for_the_Light_Using_OpticSpy_to_Receive_Optical_Transmissions.png

title: How to Make Your Own Designs Hackable
authors: Greg Peek
13816 How_to_Make_Your_Own_Designs_Hackable.png

title: Learning Electronics and Software - the Cheesey Way
authors: Alvaro Prieto
13811 Learning_Electronics_and_Software_the_Cheesey_Way.png

title: Hacking health: Open source hardware and medical devices
authors: Ashwin K Whitchurch
13812 Hacking_health_Open_source_hardware_and_medical_devices.png

title: Design and Reverse Engineering: Playing on both sides of the field
authors: Jeremy Hong
13819 Design_and_Reverse_Engineering_Playing_on_both_sides_of_the_field.png

title: Proto-pasta Filament: How hardware access fuels material innovation
authors: Alexander Dick
13824 Protopasta_Filanent_How_hardware_access_fuels_material_innovation.png

title: Hexabitz: Modularity from Nature to Electronics
authors: Asaad Kaadan
13827 Hexabitz_Modularity_from_Nature_to_Electronics.png

title: Open Pitch Sessions
authors: Josh Lifton
13829 Open_Pitch_Sessions.png

title: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Open Source Electronics
authors: Andrew Greenberg
13825 Standard_Operating_Procedures_SOPs_for_Open_Source_Electronics.png

title: Transforming New Product Development with Open Hardware
authors: Stephano Cetola
13830 Transforming_New_Product_Development_with_Open_Hardware.png

title: Signet: An implementation walkthrough, hacking possibilities, and future development
authors: Neils Nesse
13832 Signet_An_implementation_walkthrough_hacking_possibilities_and_future_development.png

title: Making Open Source Schematics Not Suck
authors: Andrew Greenberg
13826 Making_Open_Source_Schematics_Not_Suck.png

title: Quick Enclosure Design with Fusion 360
authors: Kevin Schneider
13831 Quick_Enclosure_Design_with_Fusion_360.png

title: Kicad: Designing With Complex Shapes
authors: Andrew Sowa
13828 Kicad_Designing_With_Complex_Shapes.png

title: Open Source Space: What's happening, including OreSat, Oregon's first CubeSat
authors: Andrew Greenberg
13835 Open_Source_Space_Whats_happening_including_OreSat_Oregons_first_CubeSat.png

title: Bunnie's Keynote
authors: Andrew "Bunnie" Huang
13834 Bunnies_Keynote.png

title: How to Think About Security for Your Hardware Project
authors: Joe FitzPatrick
13837 How_to_Think_About_Security_for_Your_Hardware_Project.png

title: Dr. Frankendrive or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Recover Data
authors: Nik Lyons & Chris Berge
13838 Dr_Frankendrive_or_How_I_Learned_to_Stop_Worrying_and_Recover_Data.png

title: State of the Crowd
authors: Crowd Supply Staff
13836 State_of_the_Crowd.png

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