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title: Welcome and Opening Remarks
14651 welcome_and_opening_remarks.png

title: The Case Of The Missing Method - A Ruby Mystery Story
authors: Nadia Odunayo
14652 case_missing_method_ruby_mystery_story.png

title: I Have ADD and So Can - Ooh, Shiny!
authors: Heidi Waterhouse
14653 i_have_add_and_so_can_ooh_shiny.png

title: How to hijack, proxy and smuggle sockets with Rack/Ruby
authors: Dávid Halász
14654 how_hijack_proxy_and_smuggle_sockets_rackruby.png

title: Representations Count
authors: Tom Stuart
14655 representations_count.png

title: What Could Go Wrong? The Subtle Science Of Coding for Failure
authors: Daniel Fone
14656 what_could_go_wrong_subtle_science_coding_failure.png

title: Harry the Hedgehog Learns You A Communication
authors: Laura Mosher
14657 harry_hedgehog_learns_you_communication.png

title: Taming Monoliths Without Microservices
authors: Kelly Sutton
14658 taming_monoliths_without_microservices.png

title: Pairing with People Who Don't Look Like You
authors: Betsy Haibel
14659 pairing_people_who_dont_look_you.png

title: A Branch in Time (a story about revision histories)
authors: Tekin Süleyman
14660 branch_time_story_about_revision_histories.png

title: Environment Variables
authors: Merrin Macleod
14661 environment_variables.png

title: Closing Remarks - Thursday
14662 closing_remarks_thursday.png

title: Opening Remarks - Friday
14663 opening_remarks_friday.png

title: Internet Legislation is Eating the World
authors: Eliza Sorensen, Jack Chen
14664 internet_legislation_is_eating_the_world.png

title: "What were they thinking?"
authors: Keith Pitty
14665 what_were_they_thinking.png

title: Views, from the top
authors: Tim Riley
14666 views_top.png

title: Learn to make the point: data visualisation strategy
authors: Mila Dymnikova
14667 learn_make_point_data_visualisation_strategy.png

title: Hacking Your Emotional API
authors: John Sawers
14668 hacking_your_emotional_api.png

title: Algorithms to live by and why should we care
authors: Elle Meredith
14669 algorithms_live_and_why_should_we_care.png

title: Building APIs you want to hug with GraphQL
authors: Tom Ridge
14670 building_apis_you_want_hug_graphql.png

title: What the hell is a JRuby?
authors: Tom Gamon
14671 what_the_hell_is_a_jruby.png

title: It's Down! Simulating Incidents in Production
authors: Kelsey Pedersen
14672 its_down_simulating_incidents_production.png

title: Mechanically Confident
authors: Adam Cuppy
14673 mechanically_confident.png

title: Cats, The Musical! Algorithmic Song Meow-ification
authors: Beth Haubert
14674 cats_musical_algorithmic_song_meow_ification.png

title: Closing Remarks - Friday
14675 closing_remarks_friday.png

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