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title: Conference Opening
authors: Danny Adair
14996 conference_opening.png

title: Keynote: The Natural State Of Computers
authors: Amber Brown
14997 keynote_natural_state_computers.png

title: Python for Public Transport
authors: Alex Raichev
14998 python_public_transport.png

title: How to Write Python Code Others Like to Use
authors: Anna Tisch
14999 how_write_python_code_others_use.png

title: Getting started with MicroPython on a microcontroller
authors: Glenn Ramsey
15000 getting_started_micropython_microcontroller.png

title: The journey of building a production-ready managed Kubernetes service
authors: Feilong Wang
15001 journey_building_production_ready_managed_kubernetes_service.png

title: Using Python, Django, and ruthlessness to protect people from social media harassment.
authors: Tom Eastman
15002 using_python_django_and_ruthlessness_protect_people_social_media_harassment.png

title: From Pascal to Python
authors: Steve Dunford
15003 pascal_python.png

title: Keynote: From NASA to Startups to Big Commerce
authors: Daniel Roy Greenfeld
15004 keynote_nasa_startups_big_commerce.png

title: Turning 'wat' into 'why'
authors: Katie McLaughlin
15005 turning_wat_why.png

title: Lightning Talks
15006 lightning_talks.png

title: Prizes
15007 prizes.png

title: Aircraft predictive maintenance using Python/ML
authors: Amar Verma
15008 aircraft_predictive_maintenance_using_pythonml.png

title: Python: A Medley of Programming Paradigms
authors: Simon Merrick
15009 python_medley_programming_paradigms.png

title: Conference Closing
15010 conference_closing.png

title: Python product dev tools for electronics
authors: Barrie Duncan
15011 python_product_dev_tools_electronics.png

title: Parallelism in Python
authors: Rounak Vyas
15012 parallelism_python.png

title: I'm So Meta Even This Acronym...
authors: Curtis Maloney
15013 im_so_meta_even_acronym.png

title: Let everyone enjoy your videos with python
authors: Wing Kin Chan
15014 let_everyone_enjoy_your_videos_python.png

title: Building an interactive training environment using JupyterHub
authors: Graham Dumpleton
15015 building_interactive_training_environment_using_jupyterhub.png

title: Automate Your Integration Tests Using pytest-docker-compose
authors: Phoenix Zerin
15016 automate_your_integration_tests_using_pytest_docker_compose.png

title: Python, Threads & Qt: Boom!
authors: Teijo Holzer
15017 python_threads_qt_boom.png

title: The Packaging Lifecycle with Poetry
authors: Clinton Roy
15018 packaging_lifecycle_poetry.png

title: Build and hack your own IoT with MQTT
authors: Agnetha Korevaar
15019 build_and_hack_your_own_iot_mqtt.png

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