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title: opening ritual
15028 opening_ritual.png

title: how to human in groups [keynote]
authors: sauramaia
15029 how_human_groups_keynote.png

title: iam confused: a deep dive into how permissions work [keynote]
authors: sera
15030 iam_confused_deep_dive_how_permissions_work_keynote.png

title: embracing empathy [keynote]
authors: shahn harris
15031 embracing_empathy_keynote.png

title: *banging fists on table* state machines state machines [keynote]
authors: william
15032 banging_fists_table_state_machines_state_machines_keynote.png

title: against lies, h*cking lies [keynote]
authors: anton black
15033 against_lies_hcking_lies_keynote.png

title: choose your own adventure: password reset [keynote]
authors: moss
15034 choose_your_own_adventure_password_reset_keynote.png

title: deploying kubernetes safer(ish) [keynote]
authors: james
15035 deploying_kubernetes_saferish_keynote.png

title: a novice red teamer's guide to self help [keynote]
authors: bl3ep
15036 novice_red_teamers_guide_self_help_keynote.png

title: to identity and beyond! [keynote]
authors: ben dechrai
15037 identity_and_beyond_keynote.png

title: risk management without slowing down [keynote]
authors: mikala easte
15038 risk_management_without_slowing_down_keynote.png

title: incident response drills: how to play games and get good [keynote]
authors: kirk
15039 incident_response_drills_how_play_games_and_get_good_keynote.png

title: an introduction to ghidra [keynote]
authors: helen
15040 introduction_ghidra_lightning_talk.png

title: protecting people from social media harassment [keynote]
authors: tom eastman
15041 protecting_people_social_media_harassment_lightning_talk.png

title: face your fearful foes to dodge a dark and dreary phishy fate [keynote]
authors: brendan shaklovitz
15042 face_your_fearful_foes_dodge_dark_and_dreary_phishy_fate_lightning_talk.png

title: security confessions of a small country [keynote]
authors: laura bell
15043 security_confessions_small_country_keynote.png

title: closing ritual
15044 closing_ritual.png

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