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title: Intro to NumPy
authors: Bryan Van de Ven
2222 Intro_To_NumPy.png

title: Pandas
authors: Wes McKinney
2223 pandas.png

title: Beautiful Plots With Matplotlib
authors: Mike Muller
2224 Beautiful_Plots_with_Matplotlib.png

title: scikit - image
authors: Davin Potts
2225 scikitimage.png

title: Python in an Evolving Enterprise System
authors: Angelica Pando, Dave Himrod, Steve Kannan
2232 Python_in_an_Evolving_Enterprise_System.png

title: Blaze
authors: Travis Oliphant
2233 Blaze.png

title: PyCascading for Intuitive Flow Processing With Hadoop
authors: Gabor Szabo
2234 PyCascading_for_Intuitive_Flow_Processing_With_Hadoop.png

title: Practical Time Series Modeling and Analysis
authors: Chang She
2235 Practical_Time_Series_Modeling_and_Analysis.png

title: Scaling Machine Learning in Python
authors: Olivier Grisel
2236 Scaling_Machine_Learning_in_Python.png

title: Data Visualization With Nodebox
authors: Lynn Cherny
2237 Data_Visualization_With_Nodebox.png

title: Luigi - Batch Data Processing in Python
authors: Elias Freider
2245 Luigi_Batch_Data_Processing_in_Python.png

title: Big Data in Fashion
authors: Katherine Chuang
2246 Big_Data_in_Fashion.png

title: Zipline in the Cloud: Optimizing Financial Trading Algorithms
authors: Thomas Wiecki
2247 Zipline_in_the_Cloud_Optimizing_Financial_Trading_Algorithms.png

title: Building Analytic Database Engines With Python
authors: Robert Brewer
2248 Building_Analytic_Database_Engines_With_Python.png

title: MARS Modeling on the Python Data Stack
authors: Jason Rudy
2249 MARS_Modeling_on_the_Python_Data_Stack.png

title: Lighting Fast Cluster Computing with PySpark
authors: Patrick Wendell
2250 Lighting_Fast_Cluster_Computing_with_PySpark.png

title: HDF5 is for Lovers
authors: Anthony Scopatz
2226 HDF5_is_for_Lovers.png

title: IPython-parallel
authors: Min Ragan-Kelley
2227 IPythonparallel.png

title: Bayesian Machine Learning & Python – Naïve Bayes
authors: Krishna Sankar
2228 Bayesian_Machine_Learning_Python_Naive_Bayes.png

title: Social Network Analysis
authors: Kartherine Chuang
2229 Social_Network_Analysis.png

title: Creating Interactive Applications in Matplotlib
authors: Jake Vanderplas
2230 Creating_Interactive_Applications_in_Matplotlib.png

title: Intro to Network Science
authors: Christopher Roach
2238 Intro_to_Network_Science.png

title: UV-CDAT Resharable Analyses and Diagnostics
authors: Charles Doutriaux
2239 UVCDAT_Resharable_Analyses_and_Diagnostics.png

title: Disco: Not Just MapReduce Any More
authors: Prashanth Mundkur
2240 Disco_Not_Just_MapReduce_Any_More.png

title: Wise.io a Machine-Learning Platform
authors: Henrik Brink
2241 Wiseio_A_MachineLearning_Platform.png

title: Introduction to Marinexplore
authors: André Karpištšenko
2242 SpatioTemporal_Data_Platform_for_the_Ocean.png

title: Thin Client Data Science
authors: Josh Levy
2243 Thin_Client_Data_Science.png

title: Data Wrangling Kung Fu With pandas
authors: Wes McKinney
2251 Data_Wrangling_Kung_Fu_With_pandas.png

title: Dataflow Programming Using Generators and Coroutines
authors: James Powell
2252 Dataflow_Programming_Using_Generators_and_Coroutines.png

title: Bitdeli - A Platform for Creating Custom Analytics in Your Browser
authors: Ville Tuulos
2253 Bitdeli_A_Platform_for_Creating_Custom_Analytics_in_Your_Browser.png

title: How Web APIs and Data-centric Tools Power the Materials Project
authors: Dan Gunter, Shreyas Cholia
2254 How_Web_APIs_and_Datacentric_Tools_Power_the_Materials_Project.png

title: Measuring the New Wikipedia Community
authors: Ryan Faulkner
2255 Measuring_the_New_Wikipedia_Community.png

title: Escape from the Curse of the Cluster and the Headache of Hadoop
authors: David Schachter
2266 Escape_from_the_Curse_of_the_Cluster_and_the_Headache_of_Hadoop.png

title: Learning Python
authors: Peter Norvig
2231 Learning_Python.png

title: IPython: a modern vision of interactive computing
authors: Fernando Perez
2244 IPython_a_modern_vision_of_interactive_computing.png

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