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title: Getting started with MQTT and the ESP8266
authors: Alastair D'Silva
11828 getting_started_mqtt_and_esp8266.png

title: Something Introductory About Radio
authors: Michael Carden
11829 something_introductory_about_radio.png

title: Hacking Minecraft in Python
authors: Richard Jones
11830 hacking_minecraft_python.png

title: Random talk about HDMI, Python & FPGAs
authors: Timothy Ansell
11831 random_talk_about_hdmi_python_fpgas.png

title: Something Bonkers with Radio
authors: Michael Carden
11832 something_bonkers_radio.png

title: Design, simulation and construction of an audio amplifier
authors: Greg Jolley
11834 design_simulation_and_construction_audio_amplifier.png

title: Lightning talks
authors: Various
11833 lightning_talks.png

Veyepar Video Eyeball Processor and Review