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title: Introduction
authors: Jen Zajac, Owen Evans
12225 Introduction_5.png

title: The Beauty of Bad Code
authors: Raquel Vélez
12226 The_Beauty_of_Bad_Code.png

title: I Play the JavaScript
authors: Matt McKegg
12227 I_Play_the_JavaScript_2.png

title: “I can’t work on my phone” - desktop all the things
authors: Stefan Judis
12229 I_cant_work_on_my_phone_desktop_all_the_things.png

title: Moving fast without crashing
authors: Marcus Bristol
12231 Moving_fast_without_crashing.png

title: Open Sourcing Mental Health
authors: Alex Gibson, Aurynn Shaw, Samson Ootoovak, Matt Powell, Dana Iti, Ruth McDavitt
12233 Open_Sourcing_Mental_Health.png

title: Behaviour & Your Team
authors: Robert Pearce
12235 Behaviour_Your_Team.png

title: Being a paradigm tolerant JS developer
authors: Anna Lezhikova
12237 Being_a_paradigm_tolerant_JS_developer.png

title: Building serverless apps with Node.js
authors: Julien Simon
12239 Building_serverless_apps_with_Nodejs.png

title: Getting Started with JavaScript Bundling
authors: Tanya Gray
12241 Getting_Started_with_JavaScript_Bundling.png

title: Introduction to the second day
authors: Jen Zajac
12243 Introduction_to_the_second_day.png

title: Searching for Beauty and Humanity in Data
authors: Ri Liu
12244 Searching_for_Beauty_and_Humanity_in_Data.png

title: Psychology and the Art of Pair Programming
authors: Raf Gemmail, Paul Sharpe
12245 Psychology_and_the_Art_of_Pair_Programming.png

title: Around the world in 80 shades 🌏📊
authors: Nat Dudley
12247 Around_the_world_in_80_shades.png

title: Augmenting Reality with JS
authors: Ducky
12249 Augmenting_Reality_with_JS.png

title: Teaching and learning on a fullstack, bootcamp, JavaScript course
authors: Simon Tegg
12251 Mutable_identities_and_coupled_concepts_Teaching_and_learning_on_a_fullstack_bootcamp_JavaScript_course.png

title: React Native - Next Generation JavaScript Mobile
authors: Seth Reid
12253 React_Native_Next_Generation_JavaScript_Mobile.png

title: Hands on with A-Frame
authors: Stevie Mayhew
12255 Hands_on_with_AFrame.png

title: Rats of the Maze
authors: Simon Swain
12257 Rats_of_the_Maze.png

title: Technology for Everyone
authors: PrototypeAlex
12258 Technology_for_Everyone.png

title: Conference closing
authors: Jen Zajac, Anna Lezhikova
12259 Conference_closing.png

title: Deep learning in your browser
authors: Igor Costa
12228 Deep_learning_in_your_browser.png

title: Reactive Query - an alternative to REST for universal JS web apps
authors: Michael McGahan
12230 Reactive_Query_an_alternative_to_REST_for_universal_JS_web_apps.png

title: Fantastic ASTs and Where to Find Them
authors: Craig Spence
12232 Fantastic_ASTs_and_Where_to_Find_Them.png

title: Putting the Fun back into Functional with Lambda Calculus
authors: David Plumpton
12234 Putting_the_Fun_back_into_Functional_with_Lambda_Calculus.png

title: Pushing the web to the next level
authors: Jack Skinner
12236 Pushing_the_web_to_the_next_level.png

title: I've got the keys! Using lenses and transducers simplify your life.
authors: Brooke Mitchell
12238 Ive_got_the_keys_Using_lenses_and_transducers_simplify_your_life.png

title: The Art of Exploitation
authors: Kim Carter
12240 The_Art_of_Exploitation.png

title: Exploring Static Isomorphism
authors: Stuart Whitehead
12242 Exploring_Static_Isomorphism.png

title: Your browser wants you to be secure
authors: Kirk Jackson
12246 Your_browser_wants_you_to_be_secure.png

title: Serverless Applications - behind the hype
authors: Tim Wright
12248 Serverless_Applications_behind_the_hype.png

title: CTO's Perspective of Angular2 adoption from an early stage
authors: Wulf Sölter
12250 CTOs_Perspective_of_Angular2_adoption_from_an_early_stage.png

title: Vues from the Server
authors: Garion Herman
12252 Vues_from_the_Server.png

title: W.W.E.D. (What would Ember.js do?)
authors: Richard Walker
12254 WWED_What_would_Emberjs_do.png

title: Embracing Subjectivity
authors: Mix Irving
12256 Embracing_Subjectivity.png

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