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Blackwood Huon Myrtle Sassafras
Thu 28

09:00 [_] Highly processed migrations [_] The pursuit of automatic Drupal updates [_] Why you need QA people, and why you need them NOW! [_] Consolidation: a GovCMS SaaS story
09:25 [_] 5239 pages, 357 authors and counting: quality, consistency and flexibility at scale
10:15 [_] Deploying Drupal on Kubernetes [_] The Art of Parenting Applied to Challenging Clients [_] The New Zealand Government Design System and Sector Drupal 8 [_] Content modeling with Drupal
10:40 [_] It takes two to tango: a true partnership approach
11:15 [_] Modular distributions and the Sector add-on ecosystem [_] Cordelta: The Delivery Game [_] Building your design system [_] WCAG 2.1, Web Accessibility and Drupal 8
01:00 [_] The Skpr Keynote: Michelle Mannering
02:00 [_] Design Systems for Agencies: The benefits of creating a shared language [_] Decoupled: Why we're reinventing a worse wheel [_] Drupal, Cacheability, and all that [_] Streamlining Drupal Delivery and Support: Our Journey at Deloitte Digital
02:25 [_] Drupal meets the 3D World: On Closer Inspection
03:00 [_] Dissecting a security audit: common issues and how to fix them [_] Not all maps lead to treasure - but a good process map can lead to a successful project! [_] Learn and Contribute to Open Source by Writing Blog Posts [_] How To (Not) Get Hacked - A Security Checklist for Drupal Server Administrators
03:25 [_] Ultimate guide to Layout Builder [_] Let’s keep this G rated - redevelopment of classification.gov.au on GovCMS
04:15 [_] Frontend Re-United: The energy of the people [_] The 45 minute site audit [_] Jumping into conversational AI - Alexa [_] Personalisation with Recombee
Blackwood Huon Myrtle Sassafras
Fri 29

09:00 [_] The future of Drupal theming? [_] GovCMS: It's not just about Drupal, it's an ecosystem of tools [_] Single Sign On Across Drupal 8 [_] The Scientific Wild-Ass Guess
09:25 [_] Preparing for a high traffic event, simple steps to success
10:15 [_] Site search - A relevance case study [_] Cloud Native Drupal Panel [_] Winning and retaining long term clients [_] Complexity of a Multi-language infrastructure - the CCAMLR story
10:40 [_] End to end testing decoupled Drupal sites
11:15 [_] Local-CI-Production workflow with DrevOps [_] Drupal confessions [_] Better content workflow, moderation and audits in Drupal 8 [_] Debunking the Myths of Digital Governance
01:00 [_] The IceMedia Keynote: Neil Drumm
02:00 [_] Open source your work [_] Delivering innovative digital experiences for government [_] Easy Migration with Commerce [_] DrupalSouth Steering Committee Panel - Goals and Progress
02:25 [_] Automated auditing [_] Content processing for site migration
03:15 [_] The EY Digital Keynote: Jess (xjm)
04:23 [_] Lightning Talks & Conference Close

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